Anyone's Cholesterol stay high after 2 years on Keto?

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Love this Chuck, be so great to have a doctor that keeps studying, and in the know of “other” doctors opinions on especially carbs :wink:

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Yes, I knew right away my trigs were good so I wasn’t having a cow as usual, LOL!!

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Forgive me, but I took the liberty of editing your post with the correct link. Don’t know what was wrong with what you had before.

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Allie, your ratio of triglyceride to HDL is an amazing 0.31 (in British units, we want 0.9 or lower) I can well see why you’re not worried, lol!

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I appreciate the post but I can’t read it without figuring out the numbers/format your healthcare providers use :wink: I need a chart with both US numbers and whatever country your in Allie.

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Well, this is probably heresy outside these types of boards, but I’d like to see your TC and LDL come up. That should happen, although by how much is anyone’s guess. My LDL is still “low” (<100) and went down when I was eating a (very) high saturated fat diet.

Though the leaner you get, the higher your LDL might go.

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The one thing my doctor questioned me about was was I eating eggs, I only eat eggs for a meal a couple times a week. It isn’t I don’t like them it is that I prefer my smoothies, because the smoothie feels me up and satisfies me more. Eggs and bacon or sausage or ham doesn’t make me feel like I have eaten much at all.


Mine did, then I stopped overconsuming fat and down it went! Also helped me start dropping body fat as well. That whole “dietary fat doesn’t do much to serum levels”…WRONG!

Do you know how much you average daily? When I was tracking, but not caring about it because I didn’t think it mattered I was probably averaging 200g/day. When that went to around 80-100, it cut it in half, literally!

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Too much fat isn’t my problem, I seldom eat more than 100 grams of fat. My protein is about the same and my total carbs are below 50 grams. I am not a big eater.


I was bored…

Total 301
Trigs 77
HDL 107
LDL 180


Keto 3 years running, about 175 lbs pounds down. Currently 210 lbs, with a goal of 185. Male

Total 395 mg/dl
HDL 69 mg/dl
Trigs 55 mg/dl
LdL 313 mg/dl
Lipoprotein A 75 mmol/l
A1c 5.5

My numbers have stayed consistent for two years. Unfortunately my GP has been recommending a low level Statin.

I have a CAC scan scheduled for next month.

I hope it helps the thread. Your weight, age, blood work and your activity level are awesome. Most people don’t make 70 years old and if they do, they certainly can’t be as active as you are. Kudos to you

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Would you tell me how you did it? Lots of times I don’t know the “number language” :slight_smile:

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Dietary fat will raise HDL, if you’re getting enough saturated fat, and can also raise LDL, but is the latter really a concern? High triglycerides and low HDL is what is linked to cardiovascular risk, and high triglycerides result from eating carbohydrate.

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I know that Dave Feldman’s group found that LDL did not increase for most people with a BMI on the above average side, but those with lower BMI’s had a proportionate increase in LDL (which matches mine at a BMI of around 21)

Total 436 mg/dl
HDL 79 mg/dl
Trigs 150 mg/dl
LdL 328 mg/dl
ldl - p 2800 nmol/L
sd-LDL 500 nmol/L

Lipoprotein a 10 nmol/l
A1c 5.5

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I either heard or read that today as well about people that had more weight on as I only had 30 lb extra not sure what my BMI is is that the same as body fat percentage because I’m pretty sure I checked that couple months back and I was at right around 20 maybe 21 body fat percentage of course I was measuring my middle section where I put most of the fat on I guess it was distributed pretty much universally haha

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Yes 20.1 is what mine is and that’s just using that little quick calculator not using a fat caliper I think they’re called

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@Goldengirl52 I don’t know how to convert UK to US sorry, but just look at the red numbers (that’s all I do) :rofl:

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Thanks :rofl:

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What a fantastic HDL number! No wonder you didn’t bother since!

I don’t think I’ve seen a number that high before… stellar! :+1:

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Did your Dr explain exactly why he was concerned about eating eggs? I really hope he wasn’t concerned about the cholesterol in the eggs… even the mainstream medical establishment has given up on that nonsense (one down, quite a few to go!)