Anyone watching "How to Lose Weight Well"?

(Ellen) #1

One day I will learn not to watch this shite, dessert for breakfast / McDonalds diets???

(Carl Keller) #2

I look at this sort of thing with morbid fascination much in the same way I look what’s in other people’s grocery carts. One lady caught me shaking my head as I tore my eyes away from her grocery haul.

BTW, desserts is stressed spelled backwards.

(Scott) #3

I do this too. The MFP crowd jumped all over me for it. I have to shake my head when the basket of an electric shopping cart has 3 gut busters of soda pop, two boxes of eggos etc.

I was in line behind someone with nothing but processed junk. I mean really bad stuff. He cut his eyes to my belt loaded with nothing but produce & meat and looked back at his stash and he shook his head too.

(Carl Keller) #4

I’m so glad to hear I am not the only one. :smiley:

(Running from stupidity) #5

I shop at the markets, mostly, and that sorts the issue out nicely :slight_smile:

(Cindy) #6

This thread makes me think of the conversation I just had with my brother. He’s 5’10", 270ish lbs and is trying to lose weight. He’s sure that his 1200-1500 calorie diet will work (because it’s worked before) and he says he “needs” to be able to eat what he wants within that 1200 calorie range. So he tells me about the frozen dinner he’s fixing for 200 calories and the ice cream he ate yesterday. And the snack size packs of cookies that he keeps on hand.

I’m trying not to preach to him, but I feel so badly for him. I’m not hungry, I’m eating real food without worrying about the calories. Granted, sometimes I want some really junky, but I know it’s not good for me even if it fit within some kind of “macro” or calorie limit…so when I want something like that, I go eat bacon. LOL Or some other fat/protein indulgence.

Maybe he’ll be ready to listen in 6 months…

(Kate) #7

I watched it last night. The only one that seemed to work long term (4 months) was the jane plan. The Lighter life girl even said this hasn’t taught me how to eat. But was watching with my skeptical mum who is helping out with Kids while hubby is away - she has reluctantly cooked keto friendly meals but read one of my cook books last night and is coming around to how and why Keto works

(Full Metal Keto) #8

BUSTED! I can’t stop myself from doing this EVERY DAMN TIME I go shopping! I think it’s a self affirmation process where my brain is looking at unhealthy people (or fairly healthy people buying crap for their children to consume), my brain is saying
“look at these lost people poisoning themselves and their children”. But I find myself having a small feeling of superiority that’s not really a good, sympathetic outlook. I was lost too.

I feel so good inside knowing that I have found a better way to LIVE! I wish that I could share this with people without the negativity that most react with concerning my WOE, and their misguided food choices.

Almost all common causes of death in the modern world are dietary related to post industrial convenience foods. Cancer, diabetes, heart, kidney and liver disease, and immune disorders are what kills us now. It used to be old age, tuberculosis, polio, leprosy, infection or such which we have mostly conquered with modern medicine. But we’re really helpless with the man made disease that is caused by poor diet without addressing the way we eat and spend our days in leisure with hedonistic pleasures.


I follow the tried and true method of minding my business at the grocery store. I can’t fault people for buying things they’ve been told are fine by nutrition “experts.”

(Carl Keller) #10

It’s mostly the same for me… but I start this process in a more positive manner. I look at their groceries in the hopes that I can find someone low carb.

On my last trip to the store there was a lady in front of me who briefly gave me hope. I noticed chicken, steaks, eggs, broccoli and then the dealbreaker: 2 cases of coca cola on the bottom of the cart…

If I ever do find someone with 100% low carb groceries in their cart, I might be tempted to say hello and act like they are an old friend. I mean it’s fairly safe to assume keto people outside this forum are also good-natured and friendly. :smiley:

(Running from stupidity) #11



It could be for someone in their family. My cart is 99% keto… But the man still insists on chips.

(Carl Keller) #13

Yeah I thought of that possibility. If I had to do it over again, maybe I would have asked her if she’s a low carber.

(ianrobo) #14

On the other hand see the show with Huw FW about the fake food and false packaging ? Very very good I have to say, not directly about diets but how food producers lie about ‘goodness’ bars for example ?

(Ellen) #15

Yeah that was good.

(Marius the butter craving dude) #16

A college of mine bought at the canteen fries potatoes with cordon blue and some slices of bread. At the table he said he wants to eat less so he will only eat the potatoes and the bred. He also had ready on the table a multivitamin supplement… I felt a urge to tell him that it may be better to eat the cordon blue and skip the potatoes, especially sins that vitamin supplement needs fats to get absorbed. I got one hell of a angry look. Best think to do is to shut up in public.

(Marius the butter craving dude) #17

What if that was zero coke ?