Anyone use a wall-mount for stretchbands?

(Denise) #1

I’m a little nervous, not because I think I’m so strong, but because I’m wondering what to buy that will support me with the bands I like to use. I’ll show a pic of the bands I already have, and one set I think I should get.

I’m doing my workouts at home now, but want to continue what I’ve worked hard for at my year going to the gym. I have a good weight-bench for some things, but have not bought any weights at this point. I live in a pretty nice, but small apartment. I have plenty of room to do the weight-training. What I need most is a recommend on the wall-mounts and I’ll put a pic first of just about what I can afford:

Wall Mount

Here are the bands I have now:
smaller round type

The longer ones I didn’t think would last long but the price was right:
longer type

The ones I am more interested in now, brand recommends welcome:
kind of my price-range

(Joey) #2

I wouldn’t recommend a wall mount. It’s critical it be installed properly into an internal wall stud (as a renter, you’re on the hook for the cost of repairing the damage to the drywall), you’re stuck exercising in that single location, you can’t move it around up high or down low for various exercise angles/routines, it doesn’t travel with you, you will have holes in your wall when you change your mind, etc.

I’d suggest a door anchor. Totally removable. Slips into any doorway (ideally with the loop coming through the side the door does NOT swing out on, which is where you should be more safely exercising, so the door doesn’t open into your face!). When you travel, it goes with you in the bag.

Check out this link if you’re exploring a set of bands, wrist/leg connectors, hand pulls, and a door anchor. Currently under US$20 at the moment …

(Bob M) #3

I agree, as I often do, with Joey. Anytime you can move something (and it’s safe), that’s better than having it fixed.

(Bob M) #4

Ok, this looks like an accident waiting to happen:

(Denise) #5

The wall-mount is a good idea, I mean your idea over that, using the door instead. I do want the heavier bands that are a full-circle though this time as I had the tubey ones before I started the gym. I just didn’t like the handles, same ones in pic are what I had, only handles that are up above with door “mount”. But I’ll keep thinking before I decide, thank, as always, many thanks Joey!

(Denise) #6

Yes and I prefer to do the upright kick-backs or Donkey kicks as some call them. It’s because I want to mimic my gym workouts as much as possible.

(Joey) #7

One of the best ways to fully utilize whatever kind of bands you have (circular, looped ends, loose tied to each other, handles, wrist/ankle wraps, etc.) is to get a super lightweight heavy-duty set of carabiners that won’t pinch the rubber latex and create a tear (i.e., no sharp edges).

Something like this does the trick, easy to engage/disengage with one hand to connect (to a door anchor, handles, ankle/wrist anchors, etc.) …

Poke around a bit for slightly better price. Danger: NOT for technical rock climbing.

(Denise) #8

Oh this is excellent Joey!! I didn’t know of such a thing!! This right here that you are showing me is the ticket. I haven’t looked for a door attachment yet, one that can be used maybe at the bottom, top and even mid-levels??

Thank you again!!

(Joey) #9

Fairly cheap option if purchasing separately from a kit. High, mid, low placement simply depends on above/below which door hinge you slip it next to…

(Denise) #10

I wondered if you’d recommend that one @SomeGuy but I wasn’t thinking I could use it under the door, but of course I can!! Ok, ordered both of your suggestions and I’m going to get the large thin bands of my choice :wink: I’ll have everything I need for some time now :wink: Denise!

(Robin) #11

Get after it, Denise! You are an inspiration!!!

(Joey) #12

Way to go :+1:

For under the door, confirm that you’ve got a tight enough fit between the bottom of the door and the floor surface. Carpeting can give a false sense of floor height and you don’t want the anchor to pop through and come flying at you.

Safest to use on the hinge-side of the door’s vertical crack opening, with the anchor “ball” on the “inside” - i.e., the threshold side into which the door opens. This is simply to prevent the door from coming open from the band’s tension and slamming into your side of the doorway. It’s never happened to me, but it’s possible if the door knob latch isn’t tight enough to withstand the pulling.

With the anchor on the proper side, the door won’t open toward you, it’ll open away from you… which is even less likely to happen given the physics of the direction you’re pulling.

(Denise) #13

Yes, I was sure to check that because I had one of those before I started at the gym but I gave it and the bands (I didn’t care that much for the type of bands I got) to my neighbor-gal. I had never tried it at the bottom of the door so I wasn’t sure but it’s enough room w/o being too much :wink:

Thank you for mentioning it because that is like me to forget such things :wink: Denise

(Denise) #14

I got to a point where I wanted my own times, and own equipment so I see why you and others love to work-out at home :slight_smile: We had the first warmer and sunny day today in a long time. You may have heard a lot of California south of here is flooding, way south as I am way north almost to the Oregon border. But we have had more rain than I’ve seen in the 7 years I’ve been here. So I just got back from a walk and it was so nice to get out there in the fresh air! :wink:

(Robin) #15

Even my brother in San Diego said they had more rain than he’s ever seen in one season. He’s usually far enough inland that they miss big weather events.

(Denise) #16

Yeah, I don’t think there’s going to be a drought problem, but in lots of places they are being flooded.