Anyone try Gorgonzola cheese?

(Alex) #1

I love it! It is high in fat, low in net carbs and has an explosive taste. If anyone hasn’t try it, put it on your list.

(Marianne) #2

I find Gorgonzola is similar to blue cheese - love it!!! I make a delicious clean keto dressing with blue cheese chunks, heavy whipping cream, salt, pepper, a little worcestshire and lemon, and mix it with a hand mixer until the desired thickness. Like the Frank’s Red Hot slogan, “I put that ■■■■ on everything!” :laughing::joy::rofl:


We buy it rarely but regularly as it’s cheaper than “normal” blue cheese (that I like better but my SO likes Gorgonzola too. well he is the big cheese lover, not me)… I have some problems with using blue cheese as it’s so very, very, very flavorful that I only can eat a morsel at a time! But I will try something similar to what @gingersmommy wrote next time! Never made cheese sauce, I typically just grab my cheese and eat it… It works with my fav half-hard yellow cheeses but not so much with blue… But I love the variety. Creamy blue cheese is nice.


The best blue cheese there is! My butthole and the people around me don’t like when I eat it though!


That’s because it IS blue cheese :wink:

C’mon mods, put the filter back the way it was! It being in hyper snowflake mode is stupid! It wrecks funny stuff more than it does anything else. This thing blurs (and doesn’t let you unblur) thing that are approprite for kids.

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This is a family-friendly site, and too many people either forget to blur, or feel they shouldn’t have to do so. We got tired of editing their posts. Easier to let the software do it.

(Marianne) #7

I put the blur on myself. Words like that (and worse) don’t bother me (in fact, I find them funny except when used in vulgar context). I blurred because you can still get the gist without being offensive. Not everyone shares the same sense of humor. I commented on FB to a picture that was supposed to be funny but that I found gross. I just said “Nope.” Some d.b. responded that I should lighten up. PIssed me off. :laughing: I mean, what’s wrong with having a dissenting opinion?

PS, I didn’t know gorgonzola was blue cheese! Learn something new every day.


Agreed, but we used to be able to click and unblur them, now anything worse than damn and you can’t ublur it, it unblurs into a black box! Complete spit in the face to adults, like we have some problem with bunch of children on the forum or something, and even if we did, welcome to free speech! Can’t stand bubble wrap mentality.

(Alex) #9

I don’t know If we are talking about the same cheese, it does have blue cheese in it, but I think it also has brie, at least that’s what it tastes like.
I put it on walnuts, almonds and pecan nuts, amazing taste.

I looked it up and you were all correct it is a blue cheese. For some reason it is more creamy than the regular blue cheese I get so I thought it was made up of 2 cheeses. :open_mouth: