Anyone riding out the end of 2020 fasting?

(Jane Srygley) #1

Hey all! I did a 76-hour fast in December 2019 before Christmas, but this year I decided to do it after the debauchery and inevitable weight gain. I didn’t do badly at all but still think a cleaning would be healthful. Anyone else wanna be my fasting buddy/ies?

(Michael - When reality fails to meet expectations, the problem is not reality.) #2

(David Cooke) #3

I’m thinking about going for an hour’s run around midnight, 12 hours fasted.

(Jane Srygley) #4

Looks like she found someone on that date.

(Susan) #5

I am fasting from 11 30 pm the 30th to 11 30 Pm the 1st. (At least that’s the plan).

(Jane Srygley) #6

How did it go for you? I achieved my goal but gained the weight right back, so that sucked!

(Susan) #7

I ended up lasting till early afternoon on the 1st, ate two meals and then fasted till the 3rd at 1130 pm. Thanks for asking.

I never weighed myself before fasting. This year I am going to try and be more consistent with my weighing. It motivates me.

[quote=“AuntJane, post:6, topic:106221”]
gained the weight right back[/quote]

I remember hearing somewhere that we have about 10 lbs of matter in our digestive tract. (I have no science to back that statement up.)