Anyone know an avocado/guac fat bomb recipe?

(Dawn Lownds) #1

I’m not a huge fan of plain avocado (they taste like nothing to me) but I do love me some guacamole. I am a fan of the method of cooking up batches of bacon and smearing it with cream cheese as a fat bomb style snack and was wondering whether I could do something similar but with the benefits from avocados i.e. potassium etc.
Anyone have a good suggestion for how I can turn a pack of avocados into something yummy that I could reach into the fridge for and potentially smear on bacon?

(Carol E. ) #2

Disclaimer: I have not made this but was among some saved recipes.

(Dawn Lownds) #3

Mmm I like the look of this one, I would probably blend the heck out of it and store it in a tupperware and use as a spread :yum:


So, a simple thing for avocados with big payoff is simply scoring the avocado and drizzling soy (or coconut aminos if avoiding soy) on it. For me, it was mindblowingly good the first time I tried it.

(Jay Morris) #5

Honesty I love this one -

(Retta Stephenson) #6

I used to think plain avocado was pretty “blah” also. Until one day I sprinkled it with fresh cracked black pepper and himalayan pink salt. Wowzer, the taste exploded in my mouth! Now I love naked avocado, with simple salt n pepper on top. :smiley:

(Mark) #7

I like to keep the guacamole, simple just Avocado, salt pepper,a squeeze of lime,maybe a little red onion which is good for your gut, not to many ingredients, don’t want to cover up the buttery goodness of the Avocado, you can use pork rinds or cheese crisps,or even cucumber slices for dipping,cucumbers with salt and pepper are pretty good,I also like plain Avocado, if you like salmon,I like Lox,Avocado, cream cheese together, nice snack,you can also throw some cilantro in the guacamole if you like it just chop it real fine,then let it chill in the fridge for a bit to let the flavors come together


Mixed Avocado with added ingredients don’t last long in the fridge. If you add some citrus it will last a bit longer but you can also freeze it in cubes and bring to the fridge a day before you eat them, citrify that too.

I don’t really call it guac, I usually just call it Avocado mash usually guac ingredients with a few things added or taken away. The right amount of cumin is great for normal guac. I also like playing with adding Sesame Oil, Fresh Thyme, togorashi spice, piri piri spices, curry powder, not all together. Also i triple the fat when i make the mashes, butter chunks and MCT oil or Ghee, olive oil and pili nuts.

(Carol E. ) #9

Another idea:

(Adrian Adamus) #10

I usually just cut the avocado in have and sprinkle some salt/togarashi powder (Japanese red pepper mix, some have black sesame seeds in the too) on top. Keep the other half in the fridge with the pit in it and it will not turn brown that quickly, but you know you will be eating it the next day so no biggie.