Anyone going back to Keto after having tried Carnivore and not having success with it?

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I disagree! your colon is almost 30 feet long and there is so much junk in there that should be eliminated every day IMO.

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That’s interesting because since going KETO I have less if ever gas. If I do, it’s usually because I ate something different like ertherytol or something non KETO.


I had BAD gas when I ate meat. Constant, smelly, and LOUD. You can only blame the dog but so many times! Although I wonder if it was the combo of meat and carbs in my stomach? I suppose it’s possible that if I ate meat on keto that it wouldn’t be so bad? I guess I’ll never know.


No, it was the typical SAD diet.

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sorry yes I saw you’d said that already… hence my deletion


Yeah, I beat ya to it, lol.

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too quick for me…

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Simply the lack of fibre means there is less waste on a carnivore diet. Less junk in, less crap out.

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You could say, “Less crap in, less crap out.” :grinning:

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Going back to cheese and veg as of TODAY since I’m STILL 116lbs
Weighed today for first time since April. Was 116 then; had gone from 122 in March, on “carnivore”.

So for me it worked great to break a stall, I went to 118 then 116 p fast but apparently it stopped there :expressionless:

Am so so sick of meat (love it but am so over it after these 2.5 mos) and am going back to cheese, veg and deli meat.
Not sure what to do next to get to goal of 110. Less veg than before I guess.
Annoyed af.