Anyone from here going to ketofest 2022?

(Bob M) #1

Anyone from here going to Ketofest 2022? If so, when and from where (in the world)?

(Bob M) #2

Hmm…the ticketing is a bit strange. I want to be one of the 50 who are physically present for the presentations, as I’d like to ask questions. But for me to get that, I have to buy the tickets where you also get access to the VIP dinner.

While I’d LOVE to attend the dinner, it’ll cost another $300+ to stay for one night. I’ll have to think about this, as that basically doubles the cost of the event.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #3

You could drive back after the dinner? It hasn’t gone that late in previous years.

(Bob M) #4

Paul, do you know when the dinner is?

I"ll probably just get the all-access pass so I can see the presentations in person and show up only on Saturday.

I’m not sure I trust myself with a drive back, as I’ll be up between 5-6am, will workout that morning. Driving there, having dinner, driving back, sleeping, driving there early the next morning, then driving back is not that appealing. I’m getting old! :wink: (In my 20s, this would be nothing.)

(Bob M) #5

I ordered the tickets. I’ll make a last-minute decision as to whether to go to the dinner. I only looked at two local hotels, one was booked, one was $300 (and that was without all the ancillary fees tacked on). Maybe there are other locations that are cheaper? I’ll have to see.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #6

I hear you, buddy! And sorry, I haven’t wanted to depress myself by even looking at the schedule, since I can’t afford to go (and am carless at the moment, to boot).

One solution might be to check out AirBnB (or however they spell it). You might find a better deal than the local hotels. I remember that the hotel where I stayed for the last Ketofest wasn’t cheap, even with four of us sharing the cost.

(Bob M) #7

Thanks, Paul. I put my wife on the case. She has more time right now than I do. We’ll see what she turns up.

Sorry to hear about no car! That’s a tough one.