Anyone doing THREE 42-hour fasts per week?

(Marie Drake) #1

I am and thought I’d try it for October. Seems pretty easy and Megan Ramos suggested I do it. Life is a little complicated right now for an extended fast any way and I don’t want to psyche myself out just because I can’t seem to handle a longer fast at the moment.

The way I’m doing it is I eat Sunday night and then eat lunch and dinner Tuesday, then lunch and dinner Thursday and then lunch and dinner Saturday and Sunday. I am aiming for some weight loss but since I’m working out 3x per week (HIIT, lifting) plus 1-2 hour walks 7 days a week plus yoga or Pilates 1-2 times too, the scale is not my friend (I’m building muscle!). Any one else fasting this way?

(John Somsky aka KetoGrinder) #2

I do a mix. I eat Sunday night, then usually break my fast Friday night. Then I eat the weekend and fast Monday, Wednesday, Friday, eat the weekend then repeat.

(Sjur Gjøstein Karevoll) #3

Sounds very similar to alternate day fasting to me, except there’s a double eating day in there (given a week is an odd number of days, eh, what can you do). From what I’ve seen is a good idea, there’s even a study comparing it favorably to calorie restriction both in terms of fat lost, muscle retained and resting energy expenditure retained (both groups were on standards diets, not keto).

Personally I haven’t done it but it’s in my personal experiment pipeline and something I look forward to doing.

(Nikky Burge) #4

I’m thinking about doing this this week. I have done both a 70 hour and 95 hour fast in October. I’m thinking about a couple of shorter fasts this week to keep things different and keep my body from getting adapted to routine fasting times.

(Beth) #5

I am doing this same thing, on MWF. I’m 48, 5’3", doing it for weight loss & autophagy. It’s generally easy because I am not hungry for breakfast, just lunch & dinner on SSTTh.
Started Oct. 2 and averaging 2.4 pounds lost per week. It stalls for about 5 days during my period and when I do heavy weight lifting. It’s clear I am still losing fat & building muscle because I dropped a size in pants/skirts.
I can wear smaller clothes at a higher scale weight than on past diets.

(What The Fast?!) #6

Right now I’m just fasting as long as I can, then refeeding and starting again, but I think I’m going to move toward 3 42’s each week. I know we’re supposed to constantly mix it up, so I think I’ll PLAN for those 42’s and then throw in longer and a shorter ones depending on what I have going on that week. :slight_smile:

@MarieDrake Are you a patient of IDM?

(Damon Chance) #7

This is what I try to do… except typically its closer to 46hrs because I may not eat until dinner on my feeding days. I do break that pattern if there is social event for lunch or dinner but these fasts seem to give me the best results and are fairly easy to do.

(Marie Drake) #8

Yes and I LOVE the IDM program! I can’t recommend it enough!

(What The Fast?!) #9

That’s awesome, thanks! Do you mind if I ping you privately to pick your brain about it?

(Swathi) #10

I have done omad since a year and a half and my weight loss is now stalled but am experiencing hair loss. Am thinking to try three 42 hour fasts a week. I don’t have much weight to lose I weigh 138 lb for my height 5’7, but am thinking to do it for benefits of autophagy. I would also like to incorporate some strength training workouts 3x per week. Are the workouts recommended on the feasting days or fasting days? Any suggestions on refeed meals? am a vegetarian, should I also ensure atleast 1200 calories on the feast days?


1200? More like 3000 kcal but it depends on your energy need. 4800 kcal for the whole week would be insanely low. 1200 kcal is too little for most of us as daily maintenance calories! Or you plan to do it rarely (it doesn’t sound so) and you don’t mind some fat-loss? Still, not everyone can go that low but you can experiment with your own limits.

Refeeding is individual. I eat normal after such short fasts (often less than usual, whatever feels right) but some people need some super light dish and some time before they eat a proper meal. Your experiences should teach you what works best.

Probably the timing of the workouts are individual too but I guess most of us like that on “feasting” days. Some people prefer eating before workouts and some need eating afterwards. But it’s best to try out when uncertain, you probably will quickly see what works best, if you have enough energy for a workout long after you ate…

I very rarely skip a day in my eating (I usually do IF with a smallish eating window) so I don’t have experience about doing this more than once in a blue moon. But we have an ADF topic here, the IF topics have people with more fasting experience too… But it IS individual so you should do it your own way in the end. Tips still can’t hurt, of course.