Any Tough Mudder’s on here?

(Karen ) #1

Hi all

Having done the half tough mudder (5
Mile 15 obstacles) with my team last year they want to do the full one. I must say it’s the most fun I have ever had so close to death lol!

I’m not entirely sure a 14 and a half stone 33 year old woman should be embarking on a ten mile obstacle course. However it’s in September giving me four months to get fitter and lighter? What do you think is this realistic? I am yet to get in the gym since starting Keto just over two weeks ago I’m a little nervous to be honest.

(traci simpson) #2

Good luck! I did one and I’ll never do another! LOL

(Allan Misner) #3

You can do it!

Here are few tips on how I was able to go from couch to Tough Mudder.

  1. I put an emphasis on fat loss using keto.
  2. I did strength training with an emphasis on pulls (deadlifts, assisted pull ups, etc.), this helped me improve my grip strength.
  3. I slowly increased my slow long cardio training. Because the obstacles are seldom spaced more than a mile or so, I thought of it more like a series of short jogs rather than one long run.
  4. I did the race with my daughter (it is easier and more fun with others).
  5. Start the race early in the morning so you aren’t pressed for time. Then, just relax and work through the course at a pace that is good for you.

(Edith) #4

My neighbor convinced me to do one with her. I’m 53 years old. If I can do it, so can you.

My neighbor is looking at it like Alan. A bunch of short jogs with obstacles. She figures she really only needs to be able to run about a half mile at a time, because there will be waiting for her turn at the obstacles.

I am making sure my body can cover the distance, either walking or running. It’s okay to alternate between the two, especially when just getting started. Also, Runners’ World suggested not increasing your weekly mileage by more than 10% a week. So, start small and gradually build up. You’ve got plenty of time.

You got this! :grinning: