Any local stories of Covid-19?

(Bob M) #1

Here’s part of a story about the first person we knew of who got Covid-19 in my town. My age (55). 12 days in the ICU on a ventilator. 54 (!!) days total recovery.

Surviving the Virus Article-1.pdf (970.8 KB)

My wife’s niece moved to “upstate” NY. She works with an older man (early 60s?) who was working from his house. He had his 93 year old mother living with him. She got covid they believe from a health aide. She gave it to her son. Both went to the hospital. She sadly passed away; he was in the hospital a week but survived. Supposedly, he has lost 20% capacity of his lungs and heart. The doctors think this might be permanent.

My wife’s sister’s friend (in the US, not sure where, though) lost both parents to covid.

These are the only people verified to have had covid that we know of. We know a few others who think they had covid, but we don’t know the test results.

Anyone else know of local stories?

(Bob M) #2

Another: My wife’s friend’s mother died of covid-19. She was in a nursing home. Those have been punished by covid, in pretty much any country other than some of the Asian countries. I’ve seen estimates of 50%+ deaths due to nursing homes (aka “care homes”) in some states and countries.

My mother is going to an outdoor funeral for this.

(GINA ) #3

One of my coworkers and her husband got it. Both mid-30s and overweight, but I don’t know of any other conditions. They were sick for a couple of weeks at home, then very weak for another week or two. Now both recovered and have tested negative.

(Jessica) #4

My hubby is the tall guy on the wall in the white hat. This is their first recovery (I think in the state). This guy was SICK. They didn’t think he’d make it. Just a nice little add-on, his wife sent food to the unit several times after he went home.

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Not all the cases are so happy though


Sister of a friend got it and had high fever and flu symptoms but remained at home and recovered.
Another friend of a friend got it and stayed in bed with fever for a few days.
Both did not infect their partners which is mind boggling. I dont know how many follow up tests were done though.
Another woman I know has friends who are a married couple and both got it. The husband was heavier. He went to the hospital for one night - got oxygen but not ventilated. Both have recovered.
A professor from the university hospital in Frankfurt Germany told reporters that he won’t comment in numbers, but that covid is a virus which affects the inner layer of blood vessels. and they had a few patients who were on dialysis after their recovery. That means their kidney were ruined, not their lungs. When asked if these were younger or older patients, he said both.


54 days without symptoms of organ damage?

I’m near 90+ days since the end of march with minor symptoms of myocarditis/cardiomyopathy and I’m not nor was I ever overweight or lacking muscles when I became infected. I get temporarily reinfected occasionally with symptoms of conjunctivitis. Last week my eyes were watering and burning a lot while this evening it was very minor. I’m producing a lot more immunoglobulins now.