Antibiotics on keto

(Cassandra Higdon) #1

So I’m sick. And I’m on 2 different types of antibiotics. Plus vitamins and probiotics to keep the good stuff in there…

My stomach has been in extreme pain since starting the meds. Is this normal? It never happened before I was keto that’s why I’m asking…:frowning:
Any tips as far as being sick and on antibiotics while on keto???

(Jay Patten) #2

Homemade broth made with fatty chicken thighs and plenty of salt to keep your hydration in balance. I even put butter in my broth to increase the fat.

(Ethan) #3

And some fermented items too

(Candy Lind) #4

Skip IF for a while and keep something in your tummy. If broth doesn’t help, try making some 90-second bread & eating a little bit with some butter. Sorry you’re having difficulty! :confused:

(Cassandra Higdon) #5

I haven’t done IF at all. Im very very basic keto. I just read elsewhere that antibiotics can kick some ppl out of ketosis is this true???

I feel like I’m dying. My body aches so badly and my stomach feels like it might explode lol.


Antibiotics just kick the crap out of many people from every angle. A couple hours after you take your anti’s take a strong pre-biotic to attempt to keep things going but it can be miserable any way you look at it. I don’t see why antibiotics would kick you out of ketosis, but kick the crap out of your digestive system, sure!

(Candy Lind) #7

All good. I just thought you might need to keep something on your stomach. I know antibiotics can raise your BS, so I suppose it’s possible. :thinking: If you’re nauseated, forget that bread thing I suggested. If you have some sparkling water or seltzer, drinking sips of that might help. If the broth is staying down, keep sipping that. It will help both salt & hydration. Feel better!


Some antibiotics can cause stomach pain. Probably best to check in with doctor.

(Shunyi) #9

I also was taking antibiotics while doing keto via shot and pills :pill: but I continued eating keto meals lose an inch each on waist and hips , although I wasn’t in ketones , my main concern was getting back a healthy state your body will work it out , I made keto breads to eat before taking the meds which helped a lot with the bad feelings u many experience from taking antibiotics.