Anova's "Next Gen Sous Vide"

(Central Florida Bob ) #1

Anyone following Anova’s emails or blog posts? They’ve been pimping what looks like the next generation sous vide. It’s going to be a steam oven.

It sounds like sous vide without the plastic bags.

I don’t know if it’s cool to post a link, but they’re posting blog posts to sell everyone on the idea. This one tells you why it’s essentially the same cooking as sous vide.

I have no financial interest, yada yada. I own an Anova Nano sous vide cooker and get their emails. I just thought some other folks would find this interesting.

(Steve) #2

Sorry, after having dealt with Anova for about 5 years now (when I got my first Precision Cooker from them) I’m steering people away from the company. To get the most out of their appliances, you really want the software features for their app to work. Their track record of broken promises for their software has only gotten worse over the last two years. The only development they seem at all to invest in anymore is new hardware (suck in the customers with new toys, new promises, yet still don’t deliver all of the software features promised at launch).

I would wait for a more reputable company to come out with a competing product (and I’m steering people towards the Anova knock-off products on Amazon rather than investing in an APC).

(Central Florida Bob ) #3

Interesting. I appreciate the input.

I have no issues with my cooker but that could be because I don’t care about the software and don’t use it. That description “(suck in the customers with new toys, new promises, yet still don’t deliver all of the software features promised at launch)” applies to much of modern tech. It has always bothered me that companies put out massive software packages (pick an example) and then you eventually pay for bug fixes.

If hardware engineers did what software engineers do, we’d be in jail.

(Bob M) #4

I also use Anova without software. I just put it in and set it. In fact, I can’t see any reason to use software.

When we were looking at buying a new double oven (our control panel died), the “rage” seemed to be adding water to the oven. That was sous vide, though, and those ovens were expensive.

If Anova can do this, I would be appreciative. I do not like using plastic, but the sous vide does so many things so well, that I ignore this for now.

I can’t replace the double oven we have, but if they come out with a contained model, assuming it’s “reasonably” priced, I would buy it. I think I’d need an external model anyway, as a lot of the sous vide-ing we do takes 24+ hours.

(Steve) #5

I use Anova software for every cook, it’s easy and flawless. I have a few hundred Anova cooks on my present stick and it works great all the time. I have a prime rib steak in the bath this afternoon but I’m not sure if I will be back in time from boating. I can simply extend my cook time or put it on hold till we get back.
Not sure about the steam oven thing, I received the email but I’m not interested it’s too big and goofy. I’m still waiting to do some beta testing with Anova, it’s been months?

(Dirty Lazy Keto'er, Sucralose freak ;)) #6

Hmmmm. Interesting. I’ll wait until people have been using these for a couple years, and if they start raving about how much better they are than SV, I’d consider one… or hopefully by then, a much cheaper knockoff that does the same thing. Nothing against Anova, except I think they are overpriced.

(Ethan) #8

I use the Anova software to remotely set the temperature–that’s all. It works for that.