Anova sous vide sale on Amazon today only

(Rob) #1

FYI, on sale for $79.99 today only.
I’ve been looking at this sous vide but am hearing about a lot of quality control issues. Do I bite the bullet and buy it? Anybody who has had one long term want to convince me one way or the other?

(Jane) #2

That’s the one I have (paid $98) but I’ve only had it a couple of months and used it maybe 6 times.

It has the Bluetooth where you can set it and monitor from another room, but it also has a dial on the front where you can set the temp directly w/o using their app.

Happy with mine so far - no issues.

(Jamie Marie ) #3

Ive had mine for 1 1/2 years or so. I love it. I’ve used it pretty much continuously over the past 2 months, save half a day here and there. It’s great for not heating up the kitchen. I’ve not had any problems with it at all.

If you do any ferments, it’s amazing for that. I’ve used it to make kefir in the winter, buttermilk, yogurt, natto, tempeh.

(Rob) #4

Thanks guys! I think I’m gonna bite the bullet and grab it. I eat a lot of venison and it gets ruined if over cooked due to the lack of fat in the meat (unless it is braised or slow cooked). I think this will really help with that, along with all of the other things that can be done with it!

(Mike W.) #5

I’ve had mine almost two years. No issues (besides the app). It would be great for venison. I highly recommend it.

(Rob) #6

Thanks Mike, I just placed the order about 10 minutes ago! Time to search the forum for inspiration. :grin:

(Mike W.) #7

You can also check out #anovanerdfam or something similar on Facebook.

(Mike W.) #8

I suggest a full packer brisket. 155°/36 hours then 4 hours on the smoker at 225°

(Rob) #9

My smoker is broken!!! :sleepy:


I subscribe to America’s Test Kitchen emails, and a few days ago, they sent me the results of their sous vide testing. The top one was ChefSteps Joule and I went ahead and ordered it from Amazon. It was double in price! I think it arrives tomorrow.

(Rob) #11

@AnnM the price is why I chose the Anova.


Yes, but Amazon had their offer today, and I ordered mine several days ago.

(Jane) #13

OMG. I am drooling now!