Anova Sous Vide is on sale!


(Ryan Brancheau) #1

The Anova Sous Vide is back on sale again for $99. It’s a great price for those looking to get into Sous Vide cooking.


Cool, bought. Not sure why the 900 watt one is twice as much. Hopefully the 800 watt one works well enough.

(Jan) #3


Just a note, be sure to read the comments on the page. Someone mentions new versions are announced at CES, which have a base price of $99. The link which was provided is this one:


Not to bring any negativity to the post but if you are trying to decide between the Joule or the Anova. Go with the Anova! I have both and I never use the Joule due to all functionality can only be done via smartphone (except basically power off). The app adds way too much complexity to something that couldn’t be simpler. I actually have 2 Anova’s, and over a few years i think i’ve had 3 die on me but the customer service is on it and will get you a newer sousvide in no time.


If you purchase, don’t forget to follow up with an email to Anova and let them know you heard about their product via 2 Keto Dudes and the Ketogenics Forum. I’m pretty sure that their sales have sky rocketed recently thanks to @carl, @richard and co.

(carl) #6

By the way, Anova reached out and we are discussing…

(Jessica K) #7

I wonder how many emailed after the podcast! I know I did!




The ellipses makes me think there is more to come.

(Jenn W) #10

I’m really interested in purchasing one of these bad boys…
But what about the vacuum sealer and bags? Do I need to get one of those separate?


Ziploc bags are the way to go, if you need to do long hot baths double bag it.

There’s tons of debate over safety but you won’t see any definitive studies between food saver, weston ziploc bags anytime soon. Studies prove that Ziplocs won’t leech until over 200F and you’ll never sousvide over that temp. People will say “it may not leech out but other compounds will get in the food.” To those people I say don’t use ziploc bags then.


You can use the immersion method to get a pretty air free seal. But, yea, I’ve gotta a food saver, so no worries.