Anova Culinary AN400-US00 Nano Sous Vide Cooker - $99 (was $129)

(Running from stupidity) #1

People like this brand. This is BT not WIFI connectivity, and 750W not 900W (which I can’t see being an issue).

Anyway, just FYI.

(TJ Borden) #2

I have the Bluetooth and it’s okay since I’m rarely wanting to set or change anything away from home, which you can do with the WiFi model

(Candy Lind) #3

I’m looking for BT or plain vanilla. If you really want to go on the cheap, Monoprice has their PLAIN JANE model on sale for $59.99 with free shipping. It’s mentioned in THIS THREAD and elsewhere. (800W) Unsure how long this will last.

(Candy Lind) #4

Another note: while looking for info about wattage, I saw that Best Buy has the Anova nano for same price as Amazon, so if you’re near a BB that has stock, you could get it today. And the BT model is available for only $85!

(Raj Seth) #5

I bought my Anova 900W WiFi+BT model on prime days for $69 Eat your heart out! or Bacon!

(Bob M) #6

Thick cut bacon cooked in the bag, then seared, is only list to try.

(Bob M) #7

Ughh… On my list to try.