Another reason to NOT weigh. ;)

(Cindy) #1

So I got back from my mini-vacation yesterday. I had too much sugar while there, although in comparison to other trips, it wasn’t too bad. Tried to stick to grilled seafood (had maybe 10 french fries at one point) and mixed greens. My sugar/carbs was in the form of some chocolate, a glass of sweetened tea (so NOT worth it because it wasn’t brewed). I know, if I were to weigh today, the scale would probably be UP, which would be discouraging. And then if it wasn’t, I’d think “well, I guess I can eat “that much” junk and still be ok.”

But instead, I get home and just KCKO. :smiley: I wasn’t gone long enough or ate enough that it’d cause I significant change in clothing so it’s easier to get back on track. I also got in more exercise by walking everywhere, taking walks on the beach, etc.

I remember really enjoying the food the last time I was in that area, but this time, it was just “meh.” I missed my easy keto meals.

(Carl Keller) #2

Welcome back Cindy. Hope you got some sun. :slight_smile:

(Cindy) #3

I did! Came back home to more rain though. sigh The ground squishes and everything stinks from not getting enough time to truly dry out.

(PSackmann) #4

This! This type of thinking caused me more trouble than I ever knew. Thanks for sharing Cindy!

(Todd Batitis) #5

For me I don’t see this as a reason to not weigh yourself but for many people they don’t want too do so anyways.

As I have stated in other threads, I have had an entire cheat weekend basically. Went out for my birthday on Saturday and dorfed at the Asian buffet and then an hour or so later hit up Dairy Queen for a large Blizzard. Sunday after bowling we did the same at Sizzler and DQ again. Monday when I got on the scale I had gone from 236 on Saturday to 242. I simply got back on track doing my 20:4 IF and eating keto and a week later the gain was gone.

For me personally, it doesn’t discourage me it just lets me see actual results rather than wondering how bad it could be. I don’t seem to have a problem with the idea of figuring out what I can “get away with”. I am doing this more for health than for weight despite the massive weight loss and recognize that there will be days that I am not perfect and I will just move on from there. I recognize that some people have different reactions though, and could easily just tell themselves, “I can just dorf out one weekend a month and I will be OK a week later” even if that isn’t a great mindset for it. :slight_smile:

(PSackmann) #6

My issue isn’t with how bad it could get, but the times in the past when my weight went down after going off plan. That leads to a whole slippery slope along the lines of “oh, I can do this and this and I’ll be fine” which, for me, is detrimental to long term success. For me, even celebrating a smaller size too much can be detrimental, so I try not to do that either.

(Cindy) #7

Todd, you’re a man. It’s very often different for men. You said “A week later the gain was gone.” More than likely, for me, even if I know the gain was probably just fluid retention due to the added carbs, it’d probably take a month before that 6lb gain was gone.