Another reason to NOT weigh. ;)

(Cindy) #1

So I got back from my mini-vacation yesterday. I had too much sugar while there, although in comparison to other trips, it wasn’t too bad. Tried to stick to grilled seafood (had maybe 10 french fries at one point) and mixed greens. My sugar/carbs was in the form of some chocolate, a glass of sweetened tea (so NOT worth it because it wasn’t brewed). I know, if I were to weigh today, the scale would probably be UP, which would be discouraging. And then if it wasn’t, I’d think “well, I guess I can eat “that much” junk and still be ok.”

But instead, I get home and just KCKO. :smiley: I wasn’t gone long enough or ate enough that it’d cause I significant change in clothing so it’s easier to get back on track. I also got in more exercise by walking everywhere, taking walks on the beach, etc.

I remember really enjoying the food the last time I was in that area, but this time, it was just “meh.” I missed my easy keto meals.

(Carl Keller) #2

Welcome back Cindy. Hope you got some sun. :slight_smile:

(Cindy) #3

I did! Came back home to more rain though. sigh The ground squishes and everything stinks from not getting enough time to truly dry out.

(PSackmann) #4

This! This type of thinking caused me more trouble than I ever knew. Thanks for sharing Cindy!