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I realized that. However I have helped many people who ate a very low calorie ketogenic diet and had the results I spoke of. Carb or fat burning with extreme calorie restriction on the level of slow starvation brings the exact same results. I have given several women here the advice I just gave you, some who came here from years of yo-yo dieting, they were so used to calorie restriction they felt guilty eating sufficient fat, protein and generally KETO friendly foods. And all of them had improvement in weight loss by eating more and upping fat intake. I’m just saying if you keep stalling with your current regimen try my suggestion for a week and see what happens. The further your BMR drops the more time it will take to recover. Under eating is a big problem whether it’s LCHF or LFHC. In this case the fuel doesn’t make a lot of difference except you’ll be more miserable and hangry on a LFHC diet because KETO does cause some natural appetite suppression.

I was eating about 1400-1500 kcals per day for months. Never hungry and very satisfied on a TMAD IF routine. Eventually I stalled for over 8 weeks bouncing up and down 2 lbs. once I abandoned macro calculations of the amount of kcals allowed (ignore that info) and increased my average to 1800-2400 kcals daily (had to get creative and intentionally eat more fats) dependent on my appetite I started to drop again and in a few months lost another 20 lbs eating more. I started advising some of my friends here who were also stalled long term with what worked for me and I believe that all of them got the same result. Certain foods can also be an issue and I also gave up regular consumption of HWC and stopped buying nuts. After rereading your initial post I thought it wise to tell you to be careful with Brazil Nut consumption. One nut contains the full RDA for selenium. Selenium is essential for cardiac health but too much everyday can lead to some toxicity with selenium. I used to eat them but stopped because I eat plenty of red meat and get all the selenium I need with that, 250% of the RDA from my meat consumption alone on a one week averaged. :cowboy_hat_face:

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I don’t agree this is necessary. It’s a strategy that might work for some people but I never did any of this and went down over sixty pounds in a year from obese to maintenance. I was TMAD IF most of that time after my initial fat adaptation, progressing from 16/8 to my current 19/5 schedule. Now I can be very flexible with that. Only now am I beginning to incorporate EF since I have been in maintenance. OMAD is definitely not the best strategy for weight loss for most people for reasons covered in previous posts. EF applied strategically can help if you are capable of doing it. I would follow the advice of IDM, Dr. Jason Fung and Megan Ramos for an IF/EF perspective that has healed thousands of diabetic and obese patients in their clinics and coaching programs. They do not recommend OMAD as a weight loss tool, much better for maintenance. :cowboy_hat_face:


Great! Sounds like you’ve made amazing progress. I think we can tell that the answer is simply that everyone is different!
Basically tweak it till it works for you, whatever that way is. What works for each person may be totally different. Look inward and listen to your body, not at others techniques. Read around IF to try out various windows till you find your sweet spot.

Dr Rebecca-Lea Smith
Consultant Anaesthetist

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Thanks for your response, @Fangs - it made me smile. I’m somewhat uncomfortable with the ‘trust your body’ things because I have previously let it do whatever and followed my hunger, and I ended up 50 kg overweight. lol. Of course, if I’m feeding it right to start with, it might be more likely to want to do the right things. but you know, once bittten…
But I take your message with the over-planning, over-thinking theme. I could add a chill pill. :slight_smile:


Yeah, sadly it’s not always easy to listen to your body, it easily gets confused when you are on the wrong diet.
I am all for “listening to your body” myself but I got fat partially because I was hungry. Carbs never satiated me, in the contrary. Decades passed until I tried low-carb for some reason. Listening to my body yielded better results then but to find my ideal diet, I still need to experiment. My body helps me when I show it a better diet but without it… I had no idea my health on high-carb wasn’t the best I could have. I felt okay. But then I felt better.
It’s not easy, addictions, habits work against us too… But listening to our body still can help a lot. Probably not always, there are messed-up situations, I am sure… Maybe not everyone can listen either. I don’t know but it works for many of us to some extent.

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While hunger doesn’t always pop up, here are a few things to let you know your metabolism is slowing. Being cold. Feeling tired, not sugar-crash tired, but tired. Feeling unwell (not hungry, not full, a bit off). Lack of motivation, not energy but actual motivation to do something.
I’m lucky, I can feel the different phases. When I’m past 16 hours, I can feel my ketone level rise, although I don’t think I can describe it. It’s a sudden sharpening, a burst of motivation.

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Thanks @PetaMarie. Sent this on to my friend Lisa. Sadly, keto or no keto, my stomach tells me when to eat. But at least I can hold it down to three meals a day.

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Thanks @BeTheCavalry. I saw myself in the shop window reflection this morning and for the first time could tell I had lost weight. Such a nice feeling.
I would love to be able to do an extended fast but I am no good with hunger - I have absolutely no self control when I am hungry. That is why I am loving this low carb - low GI - keto gig - no hunger!!

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Ahh - fortunately, I have not felt any of these as yet. I feel better than I have in ages. But I’ll keep tuned for any changes. Thanks @goohsmom

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Thanks for the heads up on selenium @David_Stilley. I actually introduced Brazil nuts as a regular feature in my diet because as women age (and, sadly, I am an ageing woman) and oestrogen levels drop (yikes!), the body’s selenium levels drops as well. But 4-5 nuts per day is probably excessive - a function of them being my fave nut of all time.

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Sorry Paulene, this is 8 months later, but if you happen to see this:

I used to eat Brazils for the selenium, but they are far too tempting for a weak-willed person such as me, so now I supplement. A supplement is far safer (from the lack of temptation point of view), plus you know exactly how much you are getting, which is not necessarily the case with Brazils.

Earlier you asked about how you can tell if your metabolism / thyroid activity is under par. One indication is body temperature on waking. Ideally, you are supposed to take it in bed before moving, but that’s a counsel of perfection which I cannot get used to.

So I normally do it while doing my normal daily weighing and measuring routine.

In Celcius/Centrigrade, “normal” temperature is supposed to be 37C (= 98.6F).

I find I’m often a bit under that, e.g. 36.8, 36.7 or even lower some days.

I worry slightly about this, but I try not to get paranoid. After all, my thermometer (an analogue, gallium-based one) may not be 100% accurate, and I don’t have other symptoms of under-active thyroid. Plus, I feel ok, and am fairly active throughout the day. (Most days).


36.7 is perfectly normal, normal isn’t a single point but a rather big range. Below 37C doesn’t even mean someone doesn’t have a quick metabolism for their stats… It matters where we measure the temperature and there are other factors as well.
As a kid, I learned/heard 37C is higher than average and I almost always were below that (decades ago… I never measure my temperature, I am always healthy) while my metabolism is quick for my stats… I think you should worry if you are often cold without a good reason, heal slow and similar things…
But now I am curious. I will check my temperature :smiley: Not like it matters that it’s 36.4 or 37.1 :slight_smile: Both are fine.