Annoying carnivore wannabe needing tips on saving money

(Adriana Ro) #1

Ok so, I’m following the carnivore diet and I am on a budget because I don’t have a Job and asking my parents for Money is not an option.

I heard someone saying that if a pre-packed food contains Very few carbs you don’t even need to check the ingredients as it is surely good for keto. I don’t know what to think about that, it seems wrong to me. What do you guys think?

There is this Brand of sausages here in Italy which sells sausages for like 1.59€/kg (and it would be ideal for me). Those sausages contain soy, milk (wtf! Really?), destrose (not sure how I am suppose to spell it, maybe dextrose?) and other crappy ingredients. According to the person I mentioned earlier They would still be fine on keto because They contain 0g of carbs.

Needing help here!
And sorry for my bad English.
With love, a broke teen

(Ellen) #2

Probably not great if they have dextrose etc (esp if also ingredients you can’t pronounce), but n=1, as zero carb you might be ok, do you have the option of buying proper meat (cheap cuts) and slow cooking? That would be better and you could always bag & freeze a load.
Could you post a picture of ingredients & nutrition label?
P.s. your English is much better than my Italian.

(Adriana Ro) #3

I could buy proper meat, just not everyday. The cheapest Kind of meat is chicken, which is not a great choice anyway.

Tomorrow I’ll post all the ingredients and I’ll translate them so It’ll be easier.

(Elizabeth Stern) #4

I wouldn’t eat anything with those ingredients, what about pork, that tends to be much cheaper than beef, maybe you can find lamb or mutton where you live? And fatty seafood sometimes is cheaper than red meat in some places

(Full Metal Keto) #5

Absolutely. They may not be the best ingredients but zero carb fits in. Ken Barry MD (High Profile Keto Doctor on YouTube) says that you should never let perfection keep you from good. So if you can’t afford regular more expensive cuts of meat the sausages may be your best option. Dr. Barry calls it “Hot Dogs and Mustard KETO”. It’s still way better than eating the standard diet and will keep you in ketosis on a budget. He listed five foods that are great for KETO on a budget.

Bulk Ground Beef (High Fat content)


Chicken Legs


Leafy Greens like mustard, kale, turnip, and collards.

Go ahead and add your sausages to the list. The questionable ingredients are very small in quality if they’re zero carb sausages (make sure the portion size isn’t a fraction of a Sausage!) and I don’t stress the little stuff in the big picture. I am on a budget myself and buy inexpensive low carb sausages, they’re not perfect foods but they can stretch your food allowance. :cowboy_hat_face:

(Elizabeth Stern) #6

I’m not sure why this keto discussion is in the zero carb carnivore thread? That’s thrown me a bit.

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I guess because Adriana is trying to lean towards carnivore maybe, I didn’t even notice what category it was posted in. I pulled it off the new feed. I don’t think you’re annoying Adriana. :cowboy_hat_face:


If you have no diabetic issues, then the dextrose is probably ok since very little would be in a single sausage or slice of sausage.

I have insulin resistance, not diabetic levels, so I would avoid it, but if it is all you can afford it will be much better than a slice of bread, etc.

Because she has a question about a zero carb food and if it is indeed keto.

(Pete A) #9

P O R K !



(Elizabeth Stern) #10

Carnivore and keto are different. Everything has some carbs, do you know that a manufacturer is allowed to label an item zero carb if it has .9? So if it’s a small serving size and you have multiple servings you could be getting six or eight carbs in that meal but it could be labeled zero carb. A better choice is to look at the actual ingredients. And carnivore is animal products only no sweeteners even artificial. I mean you can eat whatever you want, but this question should probably be in the keto group?

(Adriana Ro) #11

Good news! I have found another type of sausages with healthier ingredients:

Still not the Best, but at least I wont eat potato, soy and milk!

(KCKO, KCFO) #12

Yea, I am aware of the differences. She did label herself a wannabe. Also even in the subforums here, Ocarbs and carnivore topics over lap.

(It's all about the bacon, baby) #13

Your friend is right, on keto it wouldn’t be so much of an issue. But in your case, it depends on your reason for eating a zero-carb/carnivore diet. If you need to avoid plant-based foods for the sake of your health, then dextrose and soy are something you probably want to avoid if at all possible. Likewise milk, if you have a sensitivity to dairy protein.

On the other hand, if you are simply interested in losing fat, then your friend has a point. A really low carbohydrate intake will still keep insulin low, even if you are getting some dextrose. For losing fat, you might be okay with some crappy ingredients, even though you are technically trying to eat carnivore. But be sure to go by the amounts per 100 g, NOT the amounts per serving, to get an idea of what you are really eating.

So my advice would be to assess these sausages in light of your goals and reasons for wanting to be carnivore. That will have a lot to do with your eventual decision.

Something else to factor in, while I think about it, might be not just the cost of the food in question, but other costs if the food turns out to be not so good for you. I am thinking here about new clothes if you gain weight, or doctor visits, or lost time from work, that sort of thing. For example, the Noakes Foundation in South Africa has found that the poor people they work with, once their health starts to improve, actually save quite a bit of money, even though their food bills are higher, because they are no longer losing wages and having to pay transport costs to get to their doctor to pick up expensive prescriptions.

(It's all about the bacon, baby) #14

Because the OP is actually trying to eat carnivore, not simply keto.