And we wonder why we have a world wide diabetes issue

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I wonder how much sugar is in that?

Gymnema Sylvestre vs. Ice Cream Donut Monster

Flying Spaghetti Monster watches in horror from a distant location in Siberia.


I’m pretty sure it is an inedible art installation.

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In the mean time the mainstream nutrition authorities recommend to consumers and restaurants to cut calories… And yes do the restaurants serve less meat… And the customers do eat all the potatoes and throw out half of the meat. Yet deserts are ok…

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Wow. Just wow.

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I think that looks gross

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Isn’t that called a bundt cake?

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:blush: Karim, it goes to the “Everything’s bigger in Texas” theme - Round Rock Donuts, Round Rock, Texas.

Yeah - wet, sloppy, cold…

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That was interesting. They say toward the end that it lowers BG in diabetics, I wondered if that was from causing people to eat less sweets or if it was because of the binding to glucose receptors causing less absorption. And how this might affect a low carb diet (carb allowance or or pushing you closer to zero carb)? :cowboy_hat_face:


My husband and I follow Randy Santel, our little guilty pleasure…i can assure you, those portions are not art, they are the real deal :woman_facepalming:

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This photo makes me so sad. I love their bright shiny faces and I hope for them to stay that way.

The things in front of them look very much like they could come from a mall store that just opened here called Sweet Jesus. It’s doing well.


I have had one of those donuts straight from immersion into chocolate bin. You may say what you want, it was awesome. I did share it with two others. But it was delightful. Part of the past however.


From the article:

A study published in Phytotherapy Research found that subjects who consumed 1000 mg of gymnema capsules for 60 days showed a decrease in fasting blood glucose levels and an increase in the release of insulin, the hormone that helps the body regulate blood sugar. (emphasis mine)

It’s probably significant that people taking it experienced less sweet taste. The common thing for people on keto is an increased sense of sweet taste. So, opposite mechanism? Raising insulin instead of lowering it.

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As a diabetic alert dog trainer, I do have to remind you that not all diabetes is caused by diet and there are now real links between Type 2 diabetes and genetics.

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@ServiceDogAcademy Maybe a genetic predisposition, but certainly not a diabetes sentence. Your links don’t lead to anything on this subject topic. :wink:


lol I was like that looks like a round rock donut

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They sure are the real deal, that photo is from a local burger joint on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland and you can walk past the place almost any time and it’s packed with people.

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No Frank, they are very real, they are from a local burger place that is quite new and doing a rip roaring trade, the place is always packed.


Do they do bunless burgers?