And we wonder why we have a world wide diabetes issue


You’d think this would be a Gold Coast thing, not the Sunny Coast!

(Nigel Basson) #22

No, not that I’ve seen but the one time I’ve been there I made my own bunless burger which are fairly healthy with grass fed beef etc. LoL, it was the loaded fries and huge sweets that made me feel nauseous.

(Nigel Basson) #23

This place is growing at a rate of knots, one of the fastest growing areas in Australia, it’s probably time to get out.

(Marius the butter craving dude) #24

Interesting observation I just realized:
Before me and my GF started this we were always curious about a new flavor of that snack or another new snack. Carb foods are much more diverse in shape and colors and the industry never lets you get bored of the same presentation.
I do sometimes get mildly bored of meat, meat can never offer as much diversity as carbs.(but some EF can always make you appreciate meat again :slight_smile: ) Yet now I realize that they all taste the same !! They all taste of sugar !! It is just a mental trap.
I tell people on carbs that they might just as well take spoons of white table sugar, it will be cheaper and more efficient…

(Troy) #25

1st image that came to my childhood memory :thinking:

Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlour!!
Not too many around anymore
Lots of desserts
Big portions

Dig in, be sure to share
Back Then😄
Party on


(Alec) #26

That reminds me of when I worked for Mars in the UK. We got taken around the confectionery plant, and I ate a bounty bar straight off the line after it had been covered in chocolate.

It was warm, moist and absolutely divine. :scream: