An Epic Study on Artificial Sweeteners

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40+ years ago, friends and I would comment on that behavior in the company cafeteria. “Twinkies and a Tab” - if you remember Tab from back before diet coke.

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Based on this study, maybe the worst example of correlation being called causation you’ll ever see, I wouldn’t quit anything.

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I started out hating it but now I’m sort of addicted - true or false, it just seems very “healthful”, maybe just because of all the marketing hype. I’ll agree, the other stuff you mentioned is definitely still nicer.


My thought are usually the opposite (not always, there are things that went downhill since, indeed). I surely couldn’t have eating anything like this 100 years ago in my family! There was all the plants to be eaten. Pork and chicken was there, sure but with bread and potatoes and desserts afterwards as a single pig wouldn’t have lasted for the whole family for the whole year!
And my anchestors were peasants with a proper sized land. Not super poor people like so many others, being thankful if some corn and cabbage was available to eat. But I doubt being a kid of a high-class family would allowed me to eat whatever I want despite going very much against the customs. Maybe when grown up. But social functions still could pose problems. Well I would have been a rich hermit aristocrat, not too important but having enough food to eat all the animal food I wanted :slight_smile:
A few days ago i wondered if it was better to live earlier when banana and mango was out of question. I can buy these now and they are among my biggest fruit favs and I have many favs… But no, I am glad I can buy banana now unlike in my childhood. I barely ever taste any but there is the option. I like that.

I can see you are right… I am lucky enough to have a sturdy body and a changed attitude (I revert back to the right one when I will afford it) so cheap supermarket meat (hence, no ruminant at all. well I buy 600g deer a month or so but it’s for us two) works well for me.

I consider some good and some probably bad. There are so very many kinds, they aren’t the same.
I feel almost all sweeteners horribly bad tasting, I rather don’t go near anything sweet just to avoid those (good thing I don’t need to do it, I love sweet things. but I would do very much to avoid the vast majority of sweeteners. the overly sweet ones I can’t handle. and maltitol isn’t really sweet to me, among other problems. it’s the most popular sweetener in candies here now, as far as I know, I am curious but very rarely check out the no added sugar items. but when I do, it’s often maltitol. sometimes stevia-whatevers. almost never xylitol, my big fav, it’s way tastier than table sugar, only honey and coconut sugar is better for me. nothing can beat good honey, it’s just out of this world. it doesn’t mean it’s hard to stay away when we just don’t buy it. fortunately my SO is supportive, he prefers sweetness without rotting his teeth and almost exclusively uses xylitol. and sugar from fruits).

I don’t see why it would be good for me but if I don’t enjoy it, I won’t drink it, I am simple like that. I do love vinegar but the white wine one (with tarragon) :slight_smile: Sadly, I don’t have many options to use it on carnivore. Sometimes I pickle eggs with it but that got old too.
But I still have my mustard (very much not carnivore due to the erythritol in it but it’s tasty, lovely and I barely ever use it anymore anyway. and it’s not like I can do carnivore, I do carnivore-ish where I have these tiny extra things ;)).

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I get where you’re coming from here, but “Eating anything I want” wasn’t really my thought, just that the things that were available on the average family farm wouldn’t have been poorly raised or loaded with chemicals. It was probably a lot less expensive to just put your cow out in the field for most of the year, or let your pig forage in the forest, than to stuff it with store bought corn that made it sick! We’ve come a long way in making adequate calories available to more people, but adequate healthy calories, not so much. (I’m not totally convinced that natural carbs from properly grown plants are really the enemy, I have very little animosity to a nice organic baked potato (at least as compared to a pesticide-ridden seed-oil-fried something-stick offered in a 5 potato serving.)


Yeah if it’s about chemicals, things went into the wrong direction. Sigh.
But I still eat better than I could have in the past (unless got SUPER lucky). My body seem to be able to handle the modern food but carbs are problematic. And many other things are but I can eat accordingly.

It’s great for some people and not for some of us. My own fruit from my own garden is still too simple sugar to my body. I eat it but I better do it in moderation and eat some fatty protein right afterwards, that definitely helps. It may be little but sugar alone, not good for me.
Starches are better, in moderation. Still better to avoid it but I can handle it to some extent. It merely triggers overeating in me.
I feel no difference between veg from my garden or veg from anywhere else, though. Surely there is some difference but I don’t feel it. Of course I prefer the “good” one but I barely can grow anything and it costs money. And the less plants I eat, the better (except the small amount I desire). So I just buy the cheapest meats, some dairy and lots of very good eggs and my body is elated.
But it’s me. I don’t consider plants bad in general. My SO is thriving on them, cheap ones with chemicals works just right this far. I am glad our bodies are resilient. I am not glad when I think about the planet, our future, our actual food though. Maybe humanity won’t mess it up even more. I can just hope.

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The WHO is so yesterday. So 2018.

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Keith Moon is immortal.

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I was always more of a Pete Townshend fan myself.

Besides, his work is immortal. He passed away over 40 years ago.

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Who are you? Who who who who

The only thing more outdated that the WHO is the other initials that dare not be named. Starts and ends with a C🤫

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Strictly speaking, true, Bob. Like so many, born in the 1940s - an unparalled birth decade for musicians, IMO - and even if due to natural causes they are fast leaving us.