An actually OK article about exercise and weight loss

(Bob M) #1

And they only said “eating less” once. (Though I think the calculations by the Harvard Medical School of calories burnt are probably twice what the real values are.)

(Laurie) #2

Maybe the article is generally correct, but the title is misleading. Several years ago I certainly lost 30 pounds through exercise only, and I had an acquaintance who did the same. Granted, it was a lot of exercise, and in the end it was “not sustainable” (for me anyway).

Weight loss can also be mysterious. When I lived in a hot and sunny country I lost weight without trying, and kept it off. As soon as I moved back to Canada I gained it all back.


Agree with islandlight.
I lost a lot of weight doing high volume biking/running/swimming for a few years, along with caloric restriction.
Eventually crept back on but it was a good 7 or 8 year run where it was working.

… although I figure the high carb diet (chugging Gatorade and carb loading etc) was ultimately what burned me. I’m not inclined to slow down my exercise, but moved to fasting and keto and wouldn’t you know it, weight’s coming off. Especially when I’m most active.

Also… once you’re able to burn ~800kCal/hour… 1h workout is about 1/3 of your daily calories, on top of your BMR. It’s not insignificant, as long as you don’t reward eat after.


(Janet) #4

Also from CNN, same title, Dr. Sanjay Gupta video: