American Diabetes Association endorses low-carb diet as option


Saw this article about the ADA endorsing Low-Carb as an option for diabetics (the Consensus Report is linked in the article). I think it’s really good news and a big step in the right direction. I looked through the report and they had two low-carb categories, neither one would be keto but basically low carb and very low carb. Hopefully this will help doctors be more comfortable in suggesting keto or low carb diets to their diabetic patients!


Definitely a move in the right direction!

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I saw this on Dr. Westman’s FB group page today. Excellent news.

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It takes time to change the norm and professionals… The more results they see the more they have to believe… Of course were fighting Big Pharma here as well… Lobbyists already in Dr’s pockets. After all were just lab rats.