Am I the only person who fails at OMAD?

(Scott) #21

I do three meals a day mostly because I just love breakfast. Before someone says move my breakfast to noon, I don’t think the office is going to like me frying up bacon, sausage and cheese eggs at lunch. Now that I am not a carb burner anymore I did give up my mid morning and mid afternoon snacks.


I can do OMAD, but since i have no off switch, it becomes a binge, and then nothing is out of bounds… and soon I’m dreaming of low carb beers, and Papa Johns no crust pizza… and the real battle starts.

(Brian) #23

I do two meals a day most days. If I eat a late supper, I’ll often skip breakfast and it becomes one meal a day for that day.

Breakfast also varies considerably, from nothing at all except a little water, to just coffee (with cream and butter), or full blown bacon & eggs or similar. Supper is either a normal full meal or on occasion, nothing at all.

I really notice when I’ve eaten a late supper that I don’t sleep well at all, especially if it’s a large meal. There are times when I’m inclined to skip supper if it gets too late for that reason. I also tend to get my version of the “meat sweats” when I eat an extra large helping of beef which means even worse sleep. I like getting decent sleep.

Schedules can be a pain and don’t always work well with good eating habits. We do the best we can. :slight_smile:

(Doing a Mediterranean Keto) #24

I do three meals a day. When I was not keto, I tried OMAD, but it was binge eating.

A key point is that IMHO the amount of food should matter. I eat little for breakfast, and I eat not much for dinner. My biggest food intake is for lunch. So, proportionally, I am tending towards OMAD at lunch. I do not think it is the same to eat little for breakfast than eating a lot for breakfast.

(ben) #25

I find that the time is important for me. If I try OMAD in the evening, I’d be “starving” around 16:00 which results in binge eating.

If the OMAD is at midday around 13:00, it’s not so hard. But that just doesn’t match my schedule. So I just do 16:8/20:4
Did a few 72h. Did not enjoyed them. The “no honger” thing doesn’t work for me after a year of IF&keto.