Am I switching things up too much?


Hi ffskier, I do not measure ketones as I read enough that the p strips are not reliable. When I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia, I was supposed to check my sugar but could never get any blood no matter where I stuck myself. nurses also have a hard time, not sure if it is due to my low blood pressure. Because of my past I did not even consider a finger prick. I have been taking everyone’s advice and staying away from the scale. I have to admit that I get really nervous before getting dressed in the morning worrying that my clothes will be tighter but they are still looser then ever. I have increased my calories and have been trying to eat more steak instead of chicken or at least I think I have increased my calories. I have also decided to stop tracking macros and am leaning more towards just meat and fat in the short term just to see how I do.

(Allie) #22

Did you try soaking your hand in really warm water first, before doing the finger prick? Then squeezing the finger to get a drop of blood out?


Thanks Allie, I did not know that was even an option or a thing…
(on a side note, I am so sorry for all that you have been going through, it is very kind that you have taken the time to reply to me!)

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It’s a tip I picked up as I do home bloods for testing, works well as it increases blood flow.

And, thanks xx