Am I going younger?

(Rossi Luo) #1

Today, I met a ex-colleague who didn’t see me for 4 years, and her first greeting was “Wow, you look much younger!”. I’m a male, and she has no motivation to flatter me, so I believe she was honest :grin::grin:. Actually, she’s not the first one saying that to me.
I believe this change was caused by my 1 year of Keto and intermittent fasting, does anyone have the same fun meeting?

(Chuck) #2

If you are taking care of yourself and have lost weight, yes you can look younger

(Brian) #3

Absolutely you can look younger. Losing weight, tightening of the skin, skin growing more healthy, even hair can color more towards what it was originally.

Of course, the sands of time still continue to flow, no one can stop that. But I can absolutely understand your friend’s comment.

What I find fascinating are people who have been carnivore for many years that give an appearance of age way younger than they really are.

What we put in the ol’ pie hole matters, in a cumulative way.

BTW, congratulations on good things for you! :slight_smile:

(Pete A) #4

Always. Love the flattery!

(Jane) #5


And congrats


I had this happen to me as well. Feels great but isn’t the reason I keep doing it.


(Rossi Luo) #7

:grinning: , glad to know that you experienced such flattery as well. Recently I read a paper saying that fasting can induce autophagy which means the dead or un-useful or damaged cells will be sent to burn by your body and new cells will be created instead, that sounds interesting.


Autophagy is always happening, makes no difference if you’re fasting or not, if it didn’t, we’d die. That said, although we can provoke it more with fasting, it’s the overall getting healthier that’s de-aging you. Lot’s of small things happen when our body is healthier, more hydrated, hormonally stable. Your skin has better tone to it, the whites of your eyes are whiter, some with slightly sunken skin around the eyes fill in, fat loss, lots of little things add up quick, and people notice it when it does. Congrats!

That said, you CAN in fact get younger, in the only way that matters, biologically. Chronological age is set in stone, but biological age can be manipulated. We’re also getting more advanced clocks to measure that stuff, in the next 6mo or so I’m checking mine again to see what’s going on. Really nice to see you’re biologically younger than your birthdate says you are!