Alternate day OMAD and does the massive amount of protein in the feeding window cause excess gluconeogenesis?


Yes, I know that gluconeogenesis is usually demand driven, but isn’t there a certain point where “too much” protein is just… too much?

I experiment with fasting for 48 hours and then eat what my body demanded in these two days in a two-hour window.
Do it mainly to save time, to enhance mental clarity and to get autophagy running.

But I’d have to eat nearly 3.5g - 4g of protein per kg lean bodymass in one sitting… wouldn’t that be a bit to much?

(Justin Jordan) #2

If you’re not diabetic, it’s probably not worth worrying about.

For me, and I am a type II diabetic, getting protein above a certain level does cause my blood sugar to rise, even when carbs (including incidental carbs in meat) are held steady. This isn’t unlimited, though - a heavy protein day will raise my fasting BS by about 30 points, but basically, it doesn’t scale with amount (so basically, whether I get 100 grams of protein or 200 grams doesn’t seem to matter).

(Ron) #3


I am also T2D and while I do see a mild rise in BG, I don’t worry about it because it is whole food driven and it seems to recede back to bg levels before the feed considerably quicker than a sugar spike.