Aloha bar?

(John Cory Andrew) #1

Bought these at Target yesterday as they said no sugar and I didn’t see anything in ingredients that hit me. Looked today and there’s 5 grams sugar per bar. Must be the tapioca syrup in ingredients. Bummer.

(Ethan) #2

Huh? Cane sugar is listed as an ingredient on all the bars. The nutrition label says 25g carbs, 11g fiber, 4g sugar… that’s at least 14g net carbs per bar. These are not keto friendly.

(aka Nick) #3

In fairness to the manufacturer, the wrapper is indeed no carb and that’s where the claim was printed; the bar itself is a carb laden chemistry experiment. How do you say goodbye to a “keto” product in Hawaii?

(Janelle) #4

There are no regulations for net carb claims on packaging in the US - which is why the first thing I was told by my doctor was to avoid pre-packaged processed food and count whole carbs. Plain full fat yogurt and avocado are the only foods where I am not too concerned about what my tracker is saying.

(John Cory Andrew) #5

(Robert C) #6

I would avoid ALL bars. Even the most Keto friendly are likely not doing what they are supposed to be doing - taking care of hunger. Instead, I think most promote hunger (and maybe opening a second one? or killing the carton?!?!).

The best advice usually given around here is eat regular Keto meals large enough to get you to your regular Keto meal without needing a snack.

Also, I bet if you think deeply about it (once you have been Keto for a while), these kinds of thing are much more a habit than they are really dealing with hunger.

(John Cory Andrew) #7

Yeah, I’m just starting. I thought these looked ok because I didn’t see any sugar but something is giving them 5 grams. Anyway, going to try to make some type of fat bombs today hopefully!

(Robert C) #8

Also, remember what @CatGirl wrote

If these things tasted like a candy bar - they probably actually pretty much are.

(Robert C) #9

Finally - 2 more things to ponder. :grinning:

  1. Throwing away food is bad. There are starving people in this world. It is ecologically unsound, wasteful and should be avoided where possible. Nearly a sin, you should feel very bad if you do it, you should repent!
  2. These are not food.