Almost a month carnivore, past 2 weeks lot of stomach pain - normal?

(Scott Cavendish) #1

Yes I know pain isn’t normal, but more curious about during the transition. Been keto going on 20 months, about 4 weeks ago talked the wife into trying carnivore with me. First 2 weeks went fine for me, though didn’t lose any weight. Ketones moved up to steady 1.2 from a normal 0.5, so I think that’s good. About 2 weeks ago I started getting mild stomach discomfort. Figured it was either from adjustment from eliminating all carbs and would go away or I ate something bad. Starting late last week the pains got worse. BMs during the entire time carnivore have been mostly normal, mostly daily, though today I had a touch of diarrhea. The pain somewhat comes in waves, though it’s mostly constant. It feels like I’ve got a huge gas bubble that won’t move, but I’ve not been gassy (sorry if TMI) or that I have to go to the bathroom immediately, though nothing happens when I do. Been hard to sleep some nights. Never had any problems like this in my life, and am well fat adapted at this point. I have a regularly scheduled dr. appointment scheduled for next week, but I’m going to try to move it up to this week.

I know the doctor is just going to say “eat more fiber. red meat and fat are bad for your digestion, blah blah blah.” but I still need ot make sure it’s nothing serious. Hoping it’s just my body adjusting. Weight down about 10 pounds, mostly in the period since the pain started. Anyone have any thoughts?

(Stacy Blanchard) #2

I was going to try carnivore but a few days in I had some big veggie cravings. I decided to listen to my cravings. Now I do mostly meat but add in a few other things when I feel like I really need it. I also think everyone is different and I’m fine with carnivore. I would love to hear what you find out or if you are able to transition ok.

(KFdriscoll%) #3

Gall Bladder?


Saw a similar thread in a Facebook discussion. One person said she narrowed down the pains to the source of her meat - when she bought it at her local grocery store, prepackaged, she had issues. However, when she went to her local butcher, she did not get the pains. Worth a shot if you have that option I suppose.

(Neal) #5

Can also be related to the type of meat. I get terrible gas and bloating from lamb as much as I love the flavour of it.

(Scott Cavendish) #6

Interesting ideas. Amazingly, today I feel almost back to 100%, probably because I asked the question. I’m hoping it is just my body adjusting, but will keep a better eye on what I eat to see if I can identify a food cause.

(Scott Cavendish) #7

Due to continued issues I went to urgent care last night and had a CT scan this morning. Turns out I’ve got diverticulitis, and get to be on antibiotics for the next 10 days. From everything I’ve seen online, carnivore should be good for this, but either gave me my first flare up ever, or just bad coincidental timing.

(Ryan Hoover) #8

I had the same experience but tested negative for diverticulitis. IT happens every time I eat anything other than meat. Even a tablespoon amount.


I had pain the first week on carnivore diet, real bad like a punch in the gut. I think it’s because gut bacteria is changing. The pain went away eventually.


My personal opinion is it’s just your body adjusting. I thought I was dying my first week of carnivore diet because of all the different pains and aches. I definitely felt the stomach pain but into the second week it went away. Everyone’s body is different but seems to be normal part of transitioning from carb to carnivore at least that’s been my expierence.