(mags) #1

Anyone found allulose in the UK? I can’t even find it on amazon. Thanks folks.

(Allie) #2

I don’t think it’s landed here yet.

(bulkbiker) #3

““Allulose has to be approved as a Novel Food by the European Commission based on an EFSA statement. Studies for the approval processes are in process,” he notes.”

Yep not allowed here yet even though Tate and Lyle make it…

full article…

(mags) #4

Gawd…let’s not mention Brexit :roll_eyes:

(Caryl) #5

If you don’t mind paying £6+ in postage, you can order it from the USA

(mags) #6

Thanks Caryl. I shall have to think about how desperately I want to make things with allulose in. I do have a tendency to buy all manner of things that are listed in keto recipes and then forget what I wanted them for!

(Michelle) #7

I would personally hesitate to buy anything that has that many typos in the description!

(mags) #8

Oh well spotted… I hadn’t read it properly. I quite agree with you. That’s saved me the energy of deciding how anxious I am to get my hands on it!

(Allie) #9

Plus ordering anything from the US puts you at risk of getting hit with import duties :roll_eyes:

(The amazing autoimmune 🦄) #10

I bought some here in the US. Just to let you know with all other non caloric sweeteners I have a terrible after taste. Not with allulose. I have only used it once at thanksgiving to make a special treat of homemade eggnog. It also didn’t cause me to start craving sweets again. I will probably use it to make a Christmas cheesecake

(The amazing autoimmune 🦄) #11

Sorry just wanted to add that it is my understanding that there is no patent here in the US as it is a naturally occurring food so any company can make it so typos or not you might want to research the company you buy it from.

(Edith) #12

Where did you buy your allulose? I was just looking on Amazon. It is pretty pricey!

(Heather Meyer) #13

I bought it! There were no issues. I had mine shipped to Canada.

(Joady Sinnott) #14

Got some from the US, fantastic stuff. No cooling or digestive issues. I mix it with pure powdered monk fruit for high sweetness.


Just found some on eBay, searched for “allulose” and got 15 results, all from the US. Majority were the CMK brand (blue and white packet) for a variety of prices, also a couple of other brands and a maple syrup made with allulose as well. Happy shopping!