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(Richard Morris) #1

Welcome to the Fasting Category of Ketogenic Forums. This is the perfect place for your comments and queries about fasting. While eating a ketogenic diet is not required, it is the main focus of this forum and many people find fasting and keto work well together. Many experts caution against fasting longer than three or four days. We take no position on that issue, but do advise consulting with your physician if undertaking an extended fast.

(James Lynch) #2

When people are fasting are you not eating at all and just coffee/vitamins or restricting calories? All the time I hear people talking about fasting for 4-5 days. Just want to know what is the most beneficial for my body. Thanks for your help! If their is a link already please direct me.


Everyone does their own version. I do water fasts and don’t include vitamins except for magnesium and a zinc tablet at night, and sea salt ~4-5 grams.

(Gary Villines) #4

Ah I (newbie) assumed a fast was not eating. And a “keto fast” was staying in some zone I didn’t know about. Which is why I came to this forum!

So am example would be staying under some total caloric goal?


Hey there!
I have just read The Complete Guide to Fasting by Dr Fung and enjoyed a lot the reading. Nevertheless, I missed a little bit more information in fasting benefits for lean and healthy people (where I classify myself :slight_smile: ). I would be interested on books addressing fasting benefits beyond weight loss and diabetes, I mean more focused on autophagy, DNA repair, …
Do you guys have any recommendation here?
Basically, I want to learn more about (extended) fasting benefits to improve health. At the moment, I follow IF, eating once a day (so fasting around 24h every day) and feel quite good. I am also following ketogenic diet, and quite satisfied as well :). Now, I want to understand the benefits for my profile when going to extended fasting territory …
(I am not looking weight loss, since I have BMI around 20 and fat percentage around 8%)

Looking forward to getting some recommended reading!


I ran across this report by Dr Stephen Phinney on the Virta blog. The short story is that he actively opposes IF as a health improvement strategy. I would love to here Richard’s and Dr. Fung’s response to this paper.

(mark whittaker) #7

This is very interesting I would very much like to hear a response from Dr Fung on this!

Also Dr Phinney mentions that weight loss form intermittent fasting will permanently plateau after a little while. This would indicate that the BMR adjusts to the new eating schedule. I wonder if anyone here who regularly does IF has seen this plateau affect.

(Robin) #8

My husband and I do IF 18-6, every day pretty much. He is continuing to lose and I am stalled. Although, he has much more to lose then I, so that may be the reason. I exercise, he does not. Not sure how and why this happens, only that, again, he has a lot of weight to lose and

(T) #9

Hi All. I’ve been doing keto for a month and doing 16 hour fasting cycles 3 days a week while also doing 4 to 5 hours of intense interval per week. HOWEVER, I am
Not watching my calories so much. I am keeping an eye on my macros but today I ate 3100 calories and I way 150, and I was hungry not just snacking. If I am trying to lose 20 pounds should I still watch calories, while fasting, workouts etc? If so how many? HELP