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When people are fasting are you not eating at all and just coffee/vitamins or restricting calories? All the time I hear people talking about fasting for 4-5 days. Just want to know what is the most beneficial for my body. Thanks for your help! If their is a link already please direct me.


Everyone does their own version. I do water fasts and don’t include vitamins except for magnesium and a zinc tablet at night, and sea salt ~4-5 grams.

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Ah I (newbie) assumed a fast was not eating. And a “keto fast” was staying in some zone I didn’t know about. Which is why I came to this forum!

So am example would be staying under some total caloric goal?


Hey there!
I have just read The Complete Guide to Fasting by Dr Fung and enjoyed a lot the reading. Nevertheless, I missed a little bit more information in fasting benefits for lean and healthy people (where I classify myself :slight_smile: ). I would be interested on books addressing fasting benefits beyond weight loss and diabetes, I mean more focused on autophagy, DNA repair, …
Do you guys have any recommendation here?
Basically, I want to learn more about (extended) fasting benefits to improve health. At the moment, I follow IF, eating once a day (so fasting around 24h every day) and feel quite good. I am also following ketogenic diet, and quite satisfied as well :). Now, I want to understand the benefits for my profile when going to extended fasting territory …
(I am not looking weight loss, since I have BMI around 20 and fat percentage around 8%)

Looking forward to getting some recommended reading!


I ran across this report by Dr Stephen Phinney on the Virta blog. The short story is that he actively opposes IF as a health improvement strategy. I would love to here Richard’s and Dr. Fung’s response to this paper.

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This is very interesting I would very much like to hear a response from Dr Fung on this!

Also Dr Phinney mentions that weight loss form intermittent fasting will permanently plateau after a little while. This would indicate that the BMR adjusts to the new eating schedule. I wonder if anyone here who regularly does IF has seen this plateau affect.