Alcohol effects during the first month

(Shanda) #1

I’ve done a little research and it seems like most are saying that low carb like dry wine or clear spirits is ok in moderation. Which doesn’t seem right because I’ve always been under the assumption that alcohol of any kind was horrible on bg due to alcohol sugars or something. This may be another instance of me needing to retrain my brain about what I THINK I know which is why I’m coming to you guys.

Not having alcohol hasn’t been an issue for me thus far. I dont crave it or anything. Before keto I’d drink occasionally. Glass of wine a couple times a week. Margarita at the Mexican restaurant etc. Nothing crazy. But I haven’t had any alcohol at all since starting keto.

The issue is that I am supposed to go to a birthday party in about a week. The type of party where drinking is just sort of expected if that makes since … hell they are having it at a bar. Plus I’d really like to just enjoy myself while there without worrying about keto. I’ve kinda been obsessing about it trying to soak up everything I can to make sure I dont sabotage myself lately.
At that point I will be only 19 days on keto. I have maintained a state of ketosis since day 2 (according to pee strips) . I know I wont have reached the point of fat adaptation by then, it’s just too soon.

If I go to this party and have, say a vodka martini extra dirty (which is a drink I enjoy) is there a chance that this is going to set me back to the point of having to start completely over? I dont want to lose whatever progress I’ve made toward becoming fat adapted. I guess I just feel like if I were further along in the process a slip up wouldn’t be as big of a deal as it is in the beginning. (Which may also be incorrect) But I also dont want to miss out on something I enjoy just because I dont fully understand the science of it.

I swear I’m not looking for validation for making a poor choice or anything like that. I haven’t yet decided how I am going to handle this situation. Being able to enjoy this occasion by having a drink with friends would be awesome but not if it is gonna kick me back to the very beginning. I’ve come too far and am too committed for that.

(Doug) #2

No, not even close. Your body pauses while it addresses the alcohol - which it gives priority too, but no big thing, really.


My personal experience with just a couple beers, is my BG is slammed down into the 50’s to 60’s, and get the shakes pretty bad. This is new since starting LCHF, and my reaction is stronger (impairment) than ever in the past. Usually by afternoon the next day, I showed ketones again, but I have all but quit alcohol because of it. This really isn’t a good indicator for you, because my DP is pretty high, and I rarely show anything on the sticks until later in the day. But tread cautiously until you can gauge any changes

(John) #4

I quit drinking when I started. Just felt crappy after having a drink, so I cut it out.

After about 6 weeks I was able to drink my normal amount (about a 3 oz glass of bourbon) with no particular ill effects. That’s about 200 calories from the alcohol. No carbs, so it doesn’t spike insulin, but that’s 200 calories that the body will use preferentially before it uses carbs or fat. So it will reduce fat burning during the time your liver is dealing with the alcohol.

I generally found no problem with the occasional drink, bourbon or red wine, couple of times a week. I am currently doing the “Dry January” challenge just because it’s a good workout for the willpower muscle, but I am certainly looking forward to celebrating Groundhog’s Eve on Feb 1st. :slight_smile:

A single vodka martini won’t set you back to square 1. Just go back to your normal routine the next day.

(Ilana Rose) #5

It won’t kick you back to the beginning. You may have a pause in weight loss, possibly even a jump on the scale for a few days but it’ll just be water weight so ignore it. Have your drink (but don’t have many), enjoy yourself, and get back to keto right after and you won’t be set back at all. Just don’t stress over the scale for a while. Give it a week to find it’s place again, that’s how long I find it can take my body to rid itself of excess water that I pick up when i go off plan at all.

(Allie) #6

I avoid that kind of party. The only expectations I’m willing to live by are my own.

Seriously if you don’t want to drink, people should just respect that. Same as if you don’t want to eat carbs…

(Jennibc) #7

Just an FYI, you MAY find that your tolerance is greatly reduced. So don’t plan on driving. I remember drinking when I first started this and OMG, one drink and I was impaired. It may slow progress a bit, but it won’t put you back to square one. Just no sweetened mixers or fruit juice (and that includes blood marys) and stay away from beer. Also watch wine, no more than two glasses as there are still carbohydrates in wine - anywhere from 2 grams to 8 depending on the kind of wine.

(Amanda) #8

Just watch out for the effects. For me, I am way more sensitive than before. If I have more than a half oz of gin I am ready for nap time! :sleeping:

(Scott) #9

Drinks like vodka and scotch have zero carbs. Mixers usually do so when you say margarita I say carbs. I typically drink scotch and wine daily and while that may not be good it is the rut I am in. I always think about cutting back but when I get off work it is a stress reliever. Between veggie carbs and wine carbs I think I am at about 50g or less daily. I think I drift in and out of ketosis judging by my only measurement device, I can taste it in my mouth. Exercise tends to help me and when I run at 500 am I tend to be more in ketosis. So trust me on this, if I can be in ketosis with what I drink you shouldn’t sweat a drink or two. You will be fine.

(Stylee) #10

Ok I get that distilled spirits have no carbs. But I have seen posts here stating that keto is really about greatly reducing insulin spikes. I get it. But as I understand alcohol consumption often leads to diabetes. Any insight would be appreciated. I gave up drinking when I started keto. Wasn’t an alcoholic but I had been on a bender for a month. Since I started keto I have had very limited alcohol, as mentioned I have an even lower tolerance than I did eating carbs.