Airport Metal Detector

(John B) #1

Not sure where to put this, as I don’t consider myself a Newbie…but here’s what’s been happening. Since going on the Keto diet my wife, who has lost quite a bit of weight, now sets off the metal detector at airports when we travel. It’s always in her tummy region, and we don’t know what to make of it. Might be a coincidence, but it happened recently at both airports we just went through during the past week, and has happened in the past. Anyone else have similar issues? We are taking Magnesium, but I am taking it too and get through just fine.

(karen) #2

Did she maybe buy a bra with a front closure or fancy decoration? Or is she eating loose change when no one’s looking? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: It’s pretty hard to imagine the contents of the stomach causing a metal detector to go off.


I have that problem [lost 150 lbs and have maintained for 10 years], and I figured out the issue when I flew from a small, local airport. The tech showed me the scanner, and the ‘highlighted’ areas are where I have excess skin. The scanner internets this as too much ‘bulk’ for the person’s overall frame, and thus there could be ‘hidden’ things there. The tech and I discussed this, and he said he’d seen that with a few other people–and all of them had had significant weight loss.

I set off the scanner every time–and it’s very annoying.

(Carol E. ) #4

Post weight loss on keto, this happens to me as well. :thinking:

I always get an extra pat down and the funny thing is that it is never the same region of my body; so strange.

Somewhat related, I had several items in my carry on luggage that I figured would elicit a bag check. No big deal. Chunks of cheese always cause a stir, lol. On a recent trip, I was traveling with an unopened bag of Sensato brand powdered erythritol in my carry on luggage and ended up with extra screening for possible explosives. Apparently some form of stevia and erythritol are precursors to bombs? This happened after my extra body pat down, lol. I took it all in stride and chatted with the TSA agent about low carb and why I also had an unopened bag of almond flour in my luggage. :joy:

(Chris W) #5

Not 100% sure of the tech used in the scanners, but I work with capacitance metal detection system which are very sensitive, and yes the folds of skin would be an issue with a system like that. Magnesium is not going to do anything with most scanners directly. An interesting conversation did happen with someone recently about a court house scanner system going nuts because of the acetone being picked up from there body I believe it was for a Hueber facilty. They are T2D and have issues acidosis and were going to see their son.

(Tammy) #6

Now I want to fly some where and see if this happens to me as well! :rofl:

(John B) #7

Wow! Thanks for all the responses folks, glad to see it’s not just my wife! Flabby skin might be the cause.

Someone mentioned taking almond flour through the airport. We have had some airports want us to put our snacks in a separate bin, and they always pause at the large bag of mixed nuts and turkey sausages we bring on board!

(Patrick Belair) #8

It happen to me twice.

The first time, after I went through the scanner, I was asked if I lost a lot of weight, I replied yes, over 100lbs.

So I assumes that this “issue” was know by the employees working with the scanner.

The next time, just a couple of weeks ago, they asked me if I wanted to go in the scanner or do full body search. I said I will take the full body search because the scanner will probably detect the excess skin around my belly and you will have to do a full body search anyway. I was wrong not all the employees knows about it. So I went in the scanner and as expected there was a big yellow square around my belly on the monitor. Several employees had a good look at the monitor and my belly :slight_smile:

(Alex Pearson) #9

My wife has a similar problem. Every time she is stopped near a metal detector. Has anyone solved this problem?

(Tammy) #10

P. S. YES! I still get an extra run thru the scanners and pat down every single time I go thru security!

(Ethan) #11

That’s a scanner, not metal detector. I refuse those outright