(Donna) #1

Can anyone recommend a really good airfryer on the larger side? I have been looking up ratings, but would love to hear your opinions. Thanks everyone!


Instant Pot Vortex (it’s not a pressure cooker so ignore negative reviews about that)

I had a regular air fryer that I used and liked. However, I splurged on the Vortex a month ago and absolutely love it. It has a rotating basket that makes the best chicken wings. I put fresh wings in for 25 minutes and they come out as crispy as fried wings. It also makes the crispiest bacon. I can do a pound at a time (am actually doing so now).

You can also make a rotisserie chicken and it has a dehydrator. I haven’t used either feature yet but will at some point. It’s a little pricier than others but worth it. I love it!


Making bacon :heart_eyes:

(Donna) #4

That sounds great. My first reason for wanting an air fryer, was to make chicken wings. I didn’t realize after researching, that you can make so many things, other then meats in it. Actually, I will probably look into the Vortex you mentioned.


Their slow cooker is also fantastic if you’re ever in the market for one.

Kitchen gadgets are the reason I never have any money. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I understand about the kitchen gadgets. Ever since I started Keto, I have been finding myself looking into more kitchen items, big and small.

(Belinda Conklin) #7

We got this one “Super Chef 12L Air Fryer Rotary Rotating Rotisserie Convection Oven Multi Cooker” from ebay after deciding our Kmart one wasnt big enough anymore. Love them both, but especially this rotisserie function!

(Windmill Tilter) #8

If you have an oven, I’d stick to that. I’ve not read anything credible that suggest they outperform a normal oven. I have read comparative performance review articles that found them comparable.

If you don’t have an oven though, and you don’t have the counter space for a good toaster oven, an air fryer can be a great tool. Bear in mind they have a very small capacity though. You probably won’t be cooking turkey for 10… :yum:

There are lots of articles on the subject. Here is a good overview:

(Donna) #9

The rotisserie function would be awesome. It would be nice to make rotisserie chickens at home, if you can in it, instead of buying one.

(Donna) #10

I do have a convection toaster oven already. I guess, I thought I would get an air fryer, after watching a ton of youtube videos, showing people cooking different things in them. I bought a NuWave a couple days ago .I will have to give it a try and see if it is worth keeping it or I will just return. Thanks for your reply!

(Daisy) #12

I have this one and I couldn’t love it more. I had the same one previously and it was defective. But I’ve had no problems with the new one. I make steak, burgers, pork chops, chicken, carbage for the non ketonians in the house, etc.
The steak especially is amazing. I don’t use the rotisserie function just because I find it cheaper/easier to just buy a $5 chicken from Sams club. But it’s cool that I have the option. I also haven’t used the dehydrator function since I have a large dehydrator.