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Hi everyone, I’m new and I need some help. I’m on Keto diet for almost two and a half years, Intermitten fasting for a year and started to restrict my calories intake to 1200 a day couple of months ago as I hit a plateau. But my weight won’t shift. I don’t drink alcohol ever and I don’t smoke. I start to feel a bit hopeless at this point. Any advice would be much appreciated.

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Caloric restriction by eating to satiation is probably OK, whereas an artificially imposed caloric restriction will generally cause your metabolism to slow down.

I hope it is dealt with in this talk by the legendary Dr Zoe Harcombe

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The other person who explains it really well is Canadian nephrologist Dr Jason Fung

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Thanks Polly, that’s a starting point :+1:

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Restricting calories to 1200 per day won’t help. In fact, it will just make it more difficult. Your metabolism will just slow down to accommodate the reduced food intake, you’ll feel hungry all the time and eventually just give up. Without knowing anything specific other than you say you’ve already lost about 75 pounds, weight/fat loss is not a linear process and sometimes other things take precedence. Excess weight/fat is a symptom of metabolic disorder and it takes time to repair the damage depending what exactly needs to be fixed and how long it takes to fix. Keto is a process of metabolic normalization, but sometimes ‘normal’ turns out to be something other than we imagined or wished it to be.

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You are absolutely right, I think I can call my metabolism as non existent, I have to watch every carb and every calorie I take, the minute I’m out of ketosis, my pounds start to creep back in. Exhausting!

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Well, the specifics, I’m 38 year old female, used to be 94 kg two and a half years ago, now 64 kg, need to loose another stone to get reed of pain in my knees. :see_no_evil:


I’ll agree with the 1200 being too low, but if your metabolism is shot, then may have no choice… for now. What’s the breakdown of what you’re eating Carbs/Fat/Protein? I’ve personally destroyed my metabolism and still rebuilding but now making forward progress in fat loss every week. I changed a good amount from the “normal” way of doing keto. The more details the better.

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Less than 20 Net Carbs, 74 Protein, 92 Fat.


Have you tried intermittent fasting?

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Doing Intermitten fasting for a year now, no expectations, 16:8 every day

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Sorry, typo, no exceptions


I’m not sure how tall you are but if you are 5’5 or above, perhaps your body is just happy at that weight?

If you are shorter, then you may be at your body’s set point which usually needs a bit more effort, strategy and patience to break through. For example, you could try a shorter fasting window and decreasing your carbs to 10g max to break through. You can always increase both again once you get to your goal weight. Of course, you should also consider non dietary factors that may be affecting your stall e.g stress, insufficient sleep etc

See below for some videos of breaking through plateaus and set points.

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Thanks for that. I’ll give 10 g of Net carbs a go. I’m 175 cm ( sorry about Metric). Sleep 8 hours a day otherwise I won’t function. High stress job - aren’t we all in the same boat?


Unless it’s counteracted with physical activity. Walking, etc…

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I am afraid the high stress job may be part of your problem with losing more weight. Cortisol is a real bummer!

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Reduced my coffee to one cup a day, calming myself down with herbal teas :nauseated_face: helping for now

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I forget the guy’s name, but he was the corporate physician at Dupont in the 1950’s and 1960’s. He put a lot of the executives and other workers on a low-carbohydrate regimen and wrote up case studies of the results. In particular, he described one executive who was fine while he stuck to the diet, but who found that even one extra apple a day would cause him to gain weight.

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Reassuring!!! Sadly enough that’s exactly what happens to me. Any ideas how to deal with this? Quitting the job is not an option.

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Hi everyone. I think I need to re calculate my Macros. Different online calculators give me conflicting results. Any recommendations?
Many thanks