Advice - pork scotch fillet on BBQ?


Hi there wise ones I’m after a bit of advice for cooking a pork scotch fillet.
I’ve never cooked this type of pork cut and I was hoping to use my new weber gas bbq which I’m just figuring out… Has anyone been there/done that already and can share some tips with me? If it’s better cooked another way that’s cool open to suggestions!! I have an instant pot too…

It’s a 1.2kg (42oz) pork scotch fillet

(Guardian of the bacon) #2

I’d cook it low and slow over indirect heat. This means you only light the burners on 1/2 of your grill and place the meat over the unlit side. Rub in some salt and pepper and any other favorite seasonings. Try and maintain the cooking temp around 275. You might place it in a pan if you want to catch and utilize the juices. After it gets browned nicely you can wrap in foil. It will prob take 6-7 hours or so. You can use a meat thermometer to tell when it’s done. It should make some nice pulled pork from the looks of it. I’m not familiar with this cut but it looks good.


@jfricke Thanks for your tips sounds like a plan and perfect coming from the Guardian of the Bacon!

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I think I did this recipe in one of the earlier pod casts


Man, I thought I had every possible kitchen gadget… looks like shopping for a sous vide is gonna have to happen sometime soon.

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Lovin mine, Going to try a salmon filet tonight.


I think this cut is also called pork neck, which is the term I’m more familiar with.

The other recommendations of “slow on low heat” is the best, to break down the fats and produce tender meat. This cut is delicious!