Advice on fibre and getting my 5 a day please

(Alec) #21

I am not a carnivore, BUT, I have been leaning in that direction recently. Previously I would never have gone to a restaurant and had just a steak. But today, I just did. What did I have for lunch? Pork and beef. That’s it. So today I reckon I am carnivore!

Do I occasionally eat veg? Yep, which is why I would never claim to be carnivore, but with the various things I have been learning, I am less and less compelled to eat veg.

If I do eat veg, it would be peas (I love peas, very unketo but there you go!), cauli, broccoli, spinach, occasional salad.

Did you have some questions on carnivore?

(Kaitlynne) #22

In my opinion it can’t hurt eating 5 portions of fruit and veggies a day. My Mum who is also Keto likes the odd raspberry in her yogurt. There are other ways of inducing healthy stools other than fibre.

(Bacon is the new bacon) #23

One possible cause of constipation is lack of sodium. A healthy amount to get is 4-6 grams/day, which translates to 10-15 g/day of table salt (sodium chloride). This includes salt already present in your food, btw.

I find that these days, whenever I get constipated, it’s because I didn’t get enough salt the day before. The amount of fiber I eat is minimal.

  1. There’s no fiber quota, as others have said. Try some magnesium. Also make sure you’re getting lots of fat.
  2. There’s no reason you can’t eat lots of veggies and there’s no reason you can’t eat 30g carbs/day, especially if you’re meeting your goals. 20g is a guideline that assumes everyone will be in ketosis at that point. Most people are in ketosis under 50g, so don’t worry about it. It’s not a rigid rule.
  3. Calories matter at some point, but people’s metabolic rates vary so much it’s impossible for anyone to know whether that number is too much or too little for you. Are you losing weight? Then you’re doing fine. Are you not losing weight? Then you might need to limit them some. But don’t just restrict calories for very long or you’ll mess up your metabolism. Consider TRE or IF to control calories in a more effective way, if you need it.
  4. I don’t measure like this, so no clue.
  5. Also: ribeyes, ground beef, bacon, sausages, and other fatty meat.

(Kristina) #25

I always found that fiber caused me more problems then it ever helped. Magnesium is what works for me

(Consensus is Politics) #26

I concur. Without any actual evidence that the fiber is doing anything, I would look at what a lot of veggies often bring with them. Magnesium.

And to go with magnesium, sodium. Both take care of muscle cramps (electrolytes) as well as the bowels.