Advice? Last 10 lb

(OM) #1

I have being doing keto on and off since 2017. I have always been fairly thin, 5’0’’ and 105 lb doing weight lifting 3 times a week. In the last 5 years infertility, surgeries and moving across the country derailed both the gym and my diet so pounds crept in and I got to 125lb and low muscle mass.
I started keto again in January, with intermittent fasting 20/4 5 days a week, and I lost some weight, right now I am at 116lb. But for the past 3 weeks the scale refuses to move. I do count calories during those 5 days, I stay somewhere between 1000 and 1200 calories per day…

(Susan) #2

Welcome back to the forum, @marioana. What are you eating on the other 2 days? Are you keeping your carbs at 20 grams or less? Tracking is the best way to know if you are doing this; as carbs are very sneaky.

I know that you have been doing Keto since 2017, so you probably already know all this, but I was just thinking of what the problem might be =). Perhaps what you are eating on the other 2 days that you are not doing Keto is what is messing you up is all.

Maybe if you tried to do Keto for all 7 days, then you will find the other 10 pounds will disappear =).

(OM) #3

I don’t eat differently on those 2 days, just more and no fasting. Basically breakfast is eggs and bacon and green tea with a splash of cream. And afternoon is meat, home made guacamole and maybe keto cookies, carbs measured.

(Susan) #4

Oh okay, I thought maybe you were not doing Keto on those days from saying 5 days on. I am sorry that you are having this plateau.

If you are back to doing any exercising, maybe you are building muscles, that way more then fat, so it is not showing on the scale? Hopefully someone else comes here and will have some better ideas!