Additional source of energy for carnivore



If a high-performance athlete that’s been carnivore for about a year is finding that they are underperforming from when they were consuming carbs and also feels low on energy during extended training sessions (typically 6+ hours daily) but cannot consume more fat as they need to maintain their current weight class in their sport, is there any alternatives aside to start consuming carbs again? There is only one other successful professional athlete in this sport they know of that is technically a carnivore, but they are also confirmed to be consuming a cocktail of illegitimate performance enhancers so I’m not sure they would be helpful in the case of a natural athlete.


That’s way above and beyond normal training, of course you’re low on energy. Fat is the wrong fuel source for what you’re doing, it’s too slow. That’s what carbs are for. At minimum, you should be doing a TKD/CKD approach and giving yourself the fuel you need around your workouts, the rest of the time, eat keto. Hyper fast carbs like Dextrin or Dextrose preworkout, medium speeds one for bunring thoughout your workout, when you’re done, they’ll be gone.

PEDs don’t give you energy, not what they’re for. Unless by your definition of PED you mean amphetamines. If it’s steroids, that’s doing nothing for workout energy.

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You might want to check out the work of Jacob Wilson and Ryan Lowery at the Applied Science and Performance Institute. They have a lot to say about these issues.

Here’s a fascinating lecture by Dr. Wilson, followed by a question and answer session with him, Dominic D’Agostino, Jeff Volek, and others. The video is from seven years ago, but it still appears relevant:


Do you have any product suggestions, and is there a way to estimate the calculation of dosages so that carbs are not over-consumed?

I don’t know anything about the specifics but I know that some forms of EPO (erythropoietin) are one of the substances they abuse. Not sure about steroids as I don’t know which sports they’re particularly helpful for. But a lot of these are carefully synthesized in government-sponsored labs to pass the tests given at the events so I have no idea what they are specifically cooking