Activism: what does this mean?

(ketohealthclub) #1

I thought it was about spreading keto! Is it?

(carl) #2

That’s what it means to me

(Sarah Barnbrook) #3

I also see it as living this way openly, not avoiding events because of the food options. Showing we can thrive without the carb rituals ingrained in us. Also being prepared. I think of Brenda’s comment a lot. This takes a fierce amount of self love. You aren’t missing out anything, you are choosing your health.

(Kevin Bitter) #4

I think activism also means advancing the science to the benefit of everyone… not just promoting a single keto agenda… I am always open to being proved wrong, but until then actively promote the benefits!

I was listening to TED Radio Hour on Citizen Science an it is remarkable that this keto forum and twitter has created an Emergent Peer Review system.

Key points…

  1. Current Medical Science model fosters competition not collaboration
  2. Every cause needs a champion not obligated to the industry but driven but a personal vested interest in finding the truth rather than based on salary or self advancement (the Dudes and the rest of you are a case in point…ACTIVISTS)
  3. Crowd sourcing DIY scientists has changed the game in other fields… We need to focus on these central repositories of nutritional science information.

Internet Activism fosters a new Peer Review system! Tim Noakes has long stated that his medical peers are going to be left behind unless they engage this new medium enthusiastically.

(Mark Rhodes) #5

I learned about carrying the message throughout my 28 plus years abstaining from alcohol. As to keto, here is what I do not do:
I do not talk about my choices unless asked.
I do not comment on other’s food choices ( unless asked, of course, how I do it)
I do not get snarky when a dieter complains they cannot hit those last five pounds.
I do not, when asked, criticize the medical profession, especially by disparaging the lobbyists, special counsels, FDA, USDA, etc etc.

I do talk about my experiences prior to keto, the feeling of failure and desperation.
I do talk about how accurately I followed other plans.
I do talk about the health issues I faced during those times, often asking people to recollect with me how I was.
I do talk about what I have researched ( show me the science).
I do talk about this WOE as nutrition and it’s adherents as growing in number.
I do talk about other countries adopting food guides based on this WOE ( Switzerland for one).
I do talk about success stories with Type 2, Alzheimer’s, some cognitive issues, emotional issues and certain types of cancer.

When government officials or my doctor use information I deem inaccurate, I question this privately to allow them to save face. I send them information summed up. They can then chose to read the lengthy article themselves.

I attempt to correct misinformation when people DO talk about keto. I explain how it was developed, some interesting side facts about the Inuit, epileptics, diabetics. How Dr. Atkins was a pioneer whom the media misrepresented and whom I scoffed at, wrongfully.

Finally, I own this: I am sure I do not have all the information I need to live as well as I would like. I am still learning and the information is scarce as funding into keto is still quite absent coupled with all that we do know is based on the erroneous premise that we are primarily sugar burners. Change the premise and most of what we do know is inaccurate at best and wrong at the worst. My health markers have all improved over ten months as have thousands of others. Would you like some links to do your own research?