Activism in reverse?

(Kirk) #141

I can’t jump as high as I used to, but I can stay up longer.

(Sandra ) #142

Keto is not magic, regardless of what we may think.:slight_smile: It cannot necessarily undo decades of abusive lifestyles, nor counter those who are determined to find fault. I accept (reluctantly) that there are people who fare badly on keto, whether ibecause of genetics or epigenetics, or even just poor food choices. These people likely do better when they switch to an organic diet lush with all sorts of veggies and fruit, with minimal protein and fat. I appreciate reading their experiences, but take them with a large amount of salt. No need to look for ulterior motives, even if they might exist. Water off a duck’s back! :slight_smile:

(Cindy) #143

Welcome, Deary!!! It sounds like you’re going strong already!

(Sandra ) #144

Thanks, Cindy. I’ll never be a poster girl for keto, since I came in too late to undo a lifetime of being obese, suffering a stroke and several heart attacks. I also drift between keto, paleo and low carb, depending on my mood and my hubby’s cooking. Nevertheless, I am continuing to lose weight very gradually w/o any exercise at all (did I mention I fast intermittently 6-7 days per week?) and have finally conquered my sweet teeth? :smiley:

(Cindy) #145

It sounds like you’re doing GREAT, Paysan! I’m not a poster child for anything either. It’s just about getting as healthy as we can wherever we are starting from, right? I have the world’s worst sugar addiction, and the keto diet is the first thing that has conquered it for me. I never thought the day would come when I could walk right past something sweet, but with this diet, I’m doing it every day. That part does feel like magic to me!

(Cindy) #146

I do get all sides of this whole thing completely. I’ve had my own worries. I have some bad genes (APOe4, double MTHFR) and a few years ago my doctor told me I had terminal kidney disease and all I would be able to do is try to slow it down. My father died of sudden catastrophic kidney failure while he was going downhill with Alzheimers. The keto diet research shows it’s the best possible thing for my bad genes, but there’s a lot of scare-mongering all over the internet about the keto diet and kidney issues… So I decided I would rather die of kidney failure than Alzheimers, and I’ve gone all-in with keto while monitoring the kidney situation. So far so good! I’m hoping to be a tiny piece of anecdotal evidence that the keto diet can be good for kidneys. :slight_smile: I get blood work done next week, so time will tell.

(Crow T. Robot) #147

Well, afaik the only way that keto can be “bad” for the kidneys is if you have kidney disease and overdo protein. However, since large amounts of protein are not necessary for keto, you should be fine.

It will be interesting to see your bloodwork. Keep us posted on your progress.

(Katie) #148

There does seem to have been increased posts like this lately of newbies troubleshooting. I perceived their excuses as fear/skepticism of going against current dogma and physician/government teaching, which is understandable.

@mtncntrykid your theory is interesting. We should start a new topic category: Keto Conspiracies :smile::male_detective:t2:

(Cindy) #149

That’s very reassuring, Chris. I’m super careful with protein, so I should be fine. But I’m prepared to cut it down even more if I need to. I’ll let you know how my blood work comes out.

(Cindy) #150

It is other people who make us feel defensive though, Ron, so it’s totally understandable. I can’t believe how many people talk about how “dangerous” the keto diet is. My world is special education - severely disabled kids. I’ve seen the keto diet used with my very sickest kids since I was a baby teacher. So how on earth can it be dangerous? But I do still hear it, and it’s very annoying at the least, and distressing at the worst. I really love this place because we’re all so excited about all the good things it’s doing for us! Plus, there are a lot of people here with a lot of good information. I’m on several keto forums, but this one is my fave!

(A fool and his bacon are soon parted) #151

The ketogenic diet is going to clog your arteries with fat, and you are going to DIE! But it is also unsustainable, so you won’t be able to stay on it very long. This means that after you have stopped it, it will kill you, lol!

Personally, I’m expecting keto to kill me at age 97, while I’m skydiving! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

(Cindy) #152

ROFL!!! Hey, I might borrow that line! :rofl: