(Crystal) #1

Hello. I am re-starting Keto and am having an acne outbreak. I re-started on Monday but I ate a LOT of junk food on Sunday (tons of cheese, nuts, and chocolate chip cookies). I am lactose intolerant but to a lesser degree. I have never broken out into acne this bad since pre birth control. I mention birth control because I forgot to take my birth control on the third day and fourth day but I took it as soon as I remembered on the fourth day (ladies, you will understand what I’m talking about). In short, I don’t know if it’s the junk food, keto diet, or missed birth control pills that is causing my acne. Not sure if the sudden increase in fat has caused me to get acne.

Additional Info:
5’2" 125 lbs (trying to get to my normal 105)
Breakfast: bullet proof coffee with MCT chocolate from Perfect Keto, cashew milk, and 2 TBSP or heavy cream.
Lunch: meatball with salad
Dinner: scrambled eggs with cheese and spinach. 2 slices of bacon on the side.

I thought it was the dairy that was causing my acne so I cut most dairy out (ESP CHEESE) but I am still having acne. Then again, today is day 3 of re-starting my keto.

Asking for help on why I am suddenly breaking out. I rarely like once a year get acne and it’s one pimple MAX. But I am having small pimples around my eyes/eyebrows/cheeks

(Cristian Lopez) #2

I made some changes to my diet a few days ago,I attained 1/6 of my calories from olive oil alone.

Drentch fatty meats and salad in the stuff!

-eat a lot of olive oil and olives

-incorporate dark chocolate like
“100% bakers bar” I eat like 1 1/2 bars a week

-eat more coconut oil

-eat a lot more fatty fish like salmon

-try out collard greens

All these factors cleared up my face in 3 days even with all the sweat from my athletic life style!

(Old Baconian) #3

As a sugar-burner, I used to get a greasy face all the time. I was forever having to wash my face, and pimples were a regular occurrence. I realized the past week that that hasn’t been happening on keto. If you keep your carbs low (we recommend under 20 grams/day) and eat enough fat, your hormones will likely re-balance themselves, and you should stop having trouble. But you have to give it time. Women seem to take longer to get into fat-burning, and their hormonal fluctuations have quite an effect on the process, as I understand it. But if you eat a well-formulated ketogenic diet and keep your caloric intake at a healthy level by eating fat to satiety, your body will have the resources with which to sort itself out.

(TJ Borden) #4

Why did you eat cheese and nuts on your pre keto binge? You can have those once you start. Cookies I get, but I would have had…nope, not going to make a list. Don’t want to start craving anything.

(Stan Brooks) #5

I don’t think anyone can give you a solid answer because like you said there are too many variables. .

(Kerry Swarthout O'keefe) #6

I also started getting pimples and i haven’t had breakouts in over 20 years. Been keto for 6 months straight so i have no idea why it isn’t getting better. Frustrating.

(Karen Parrott) #7

Dairy removal ended my cystic , deep painful acne. And I Used abstaining techniques to deal with a 40 year binge cycle. Both together have me about 98% acne free.


Cut dairy, gluten and sugar. that’s pretty much the major triggers for acne. Keto naturally removes gluten and sugar, but some people tolerate dairy.

If you are going to have dairy while on keto, and you have a history of acne, i find switching to grass-fed and raw milk sources to be the best bet. Generally, I don’t use heavy whipping cream or cheese while in keto, but if i have a hankering for cheese, i go with kerrygold brand…it’s cheese made with grass-fed dairy.

(Edyth Ekmark) #9

Really helpful thanks for the information! I also experienced this when started keto, but I didn’t have such a happy ending, unfortunately. I really hoped it will heal by itself and waited for some months. Nothing changed, so I started to take action. I took some supplements pills and started to apply an easy to use acne cream in the morning and at night. Plus, I stopped eating dairy products, and this combined with the cream treated my acne. By the way, I continued to be on Keto because I really like this lifestyle, and thanks to it I have my desired weight.