Acne Issues?

(Gaetano Novielli) #1

I’m very new to trying the carnivore diet. I started once a while back and quickly retracted due to a lack of conviction, but I’m now starting again with stronger determination. However, I noticed one problem. I have never struggled with acne at all through my life. Sure, I’d get the odd pimple here and there, but nothing major. However, the time I first started carnivore and this time again, I’ve been getting pimples all over my face and increase redness. Is there any correlation? Could it be that I’m not getting enough fat or that the fat I’m intaking is not good enough quality. I can’t afford grass-finished butter, beef, or tallow… So is that a possible reason? Is carnivore not for me? Once again, I never used to have an issue with acne at all before hand. Maybe it’s only temporary due to the extreme diet change from a lot of processed foods to carnivore? Please help

(A fool and his bacon are soon parted) #2

Where are you starting from? If you were eating the standard American diet (SAD) before going carnivore, that is a large change to have to adapt to. If you were eating keto before going carnivore, however, it’s still an adaptation, but not quite so difficult.

My own experience is that my skin is better when I eat less carbohydrate. It’s both less greasy and much clearer. So my guess here is that, as you say, you are going through some kind of hormonal readjustment that will clear up over time. Give this way of eating at least three months, and six would be even better, before giving up on it. You can always add carbohydrate back into your life, should it become necessary.

If you read the advice of long-term carnivores, they tend to believe that there is no problem experienced by newcomers to the diet that can’t be solved by eating more meat. So don’t try to fast, don’t try to restrict your eating. Just eat three solid meals a day of meat.

As for getting enough fat, don’t worry about it. Grass-fed beef is not a requirement, so don’t stress your budget. You are already avoiding the most problematic fats by no longer consuming seed oils. If you decide you do need more fat, just buy fatty cuts of meat and cook them in some extra butter, tallow, or lard. That should take care of it. You can pour the pan juices over your meal, as well.