Acetic Acid and Ketogenesis

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Not to mention comparing 30 point ‘spikes’ to 60 point spikes…

What was the base line?

I would give birth to a brick if my BG was ever 130 period…

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I occasionally eat some cheese here that tastes heavenly but my friend says that the smell puts him in mind of something that fell out of Satan’s bottom !

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You mean at any time? This is Thanksgiving, 2017 for me. The thick line to the right of 5.1 is noon. We eat a “lunchtime” Thanksgiving dinner. That’s 9.7 x 18 = 175 (about) in US units. The peak after that one is dessert.

Most of the day is not bad, but bread, potatoes, etc., still cause high blood sugar.


I drink 2 Tbl vinegar in 6-8 oz hot water plus tsp honey at night. It’s also good for kidneys/gall bladder.

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If eating vegetables, adding vinegar to a green salad, plus olive oil, is usually to have good taste (in Spain).