Acetic Acid and Ketogenesis

(Gregory - You can teach an old dog new tricks.) #21

Not to mention comparing 30 point ‘spikes’ to 60 point spikes…

What was the base line?

I would give birth to a brick if my BG was ever 130 period…

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I occasionally eat some cheese here that tastes heavenly but my friend says that the smell puts him in mind of something that fell out of Satan’s bottom !

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You mean at any time? This is Thanksgiving, 2017 for me. The thick line to the right of 5.1 is noon. We eat a “lunchtime” Thanksgiving dinner. That’s 9.7 x 18 = 175 (about) in US units. The peak after that one is dessert.

Most of the day is not bad, but bread, potatoes, etc., still cause high blood sugar.


I drink 2 Tbl vinegar in 6-8 oz hot water plus tsp honey at night. It’s also good for kidneys/gall bladder.

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If eating vegetables, adding vinegar to a green salad, plus olive oil, is usually to have good taste (in Spain).

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Serious Keto channel just did a youtube video on a super quick and simple keto salad dressing that uses 1 Tbsp vinegar and 4oz heavy cream and some spices or other optional things. Allegedly delicious, super quick and easy, and combines both the rich taste of things (like blue cheese) but with a very “light” not heavy dressing.


Green leaves are a vinegar vehicle.