About to try beef belly only diet(possibly with eggs)

(Alvin Kim) #1

Hey, guys. First post. I have tried the eggs only diet for 5 days and felt weak on it and couldn’t work as I would get sensitive and irritable. I also couldn’t stomach it as I got really bored of it. They were pasture raised eggs.

Am planning on going grain fed beef belly only(possibly with eggs), with butter, tallow, sat and obviously water. Beef belly is basically pork belly but beef version. I’m afraid I would feel the same with when I did eggs only.(grain fed beef belly is all I could afford as I reside in S. Korea. Beef is imported and extremely expensive.)

I need to continue this diet because it helps with my eczema and hopefully it’ll get rid of my schizophrenia. I don’t know what to do.

I am feeling hopeless… I guess the question I want to ask is why do I feel weak, sensitive, and irritable on the eggs only diet?

Dr. Chaffee directly told me that it is possible in one of his streams. I feel like I’m on a dead end here. Please, anyone with experience, care to give any tips for me?

(Kinnessa ) #2

Hey there! I totally get how frustrating it can be to navigate diets for health reasons. Feeling weak on an eggs-only diet might be due to nutrient imbalances. Opting for a grain-fed beef belly with added fats like butter and tallow could provide more diverse nutrients.Consider incorporating variety and check this helpful resource on maintaining calorie intake: [https://betterme.world/articles/2500-calorie-diet/]. Experimenting with different foods might help you find what works best for your health goals. Stay healthy!

(Alvin Kim) #3

I really hope that is the case. I know it’s too early to determine but I’m just concerned that I would get sick of eating the same food over and over again. How did you deal with this, Kinnessa?

(Michael) #4

If you were not ketogenic before, an eggs only diet will get you there. Sounds like “keto flu” and fat adaption period. Electrolytes may help, and it may take time for your body to adapt to using fat efficiently. I did not supplement electrolytes and I also felt wiped out for a few weeks. Then everything got better than it was before the diet. Were you already ketogenic and fat adapted?


What’s the point of all the incredibly single food diets? Carnivore is very restrictive as is, you’re making it more restrictive. Unless you can honestly tell yourself you can live on beef belly forever, you’re wating your time.

While it been shown that certain nutrients and I guess “diets” can help lessen the effects of schizophrenia, you’re not going to get rid of it with a dietary change, it’s not an acne outbreak.

I assume you’re talking about the Harvard professor he interviewed that said Mental disorders are metabolic disorders of the brain, and can therefor be fixed with diet? If so, look him up and go to the source, get his books and start digging in. Also be careful who you listen to, these people get paid to get clicks, and getting those means telling everybody everything they want to hear.

I know two people with schizophrenia, one keeps hers completely in check with her meds and lives a completely normal life, the other constantly tries weird things and comes off, and nearly every time it doesn’t take long before he starts actual nuts, then the paranoia sets in, then the gov’t is trying to kill him and it goes down hill from there until everybody else has to do something about it. Be careful!

You don’t have to walk around being a numb walking zombie, and if your current doc only offers that as a choice with meds, find a better one. Years ago my anger and temper was so bad, with the aggression and size and strength advantage over most to go along with it, I was the guy to literally punch somebodys face in, because it was a day that ended in a Y. That ended very badly for a smartguy who mouthed off to me when I said THANK YOU when he walked through a door without holding it for me. I wound up on anti-psycotics for a while (Risperdal), which is used a lot with schizophrenia, so I know that crappy feeling and why you wouldn’t want it, but it’s really not something to play with.


I am a huge egg fan but I never could eat only eggs, not even for a day (without some very serious incentive. one day is possible for me I am sure. I just don’t see the point and I wouldn’t enjoy it). Eggs are wonderfully nutritious but they don’t have everything. Magnezium, calcium, you need those too in proper amounts. Oh and Vitamin C is essential for a human too, egg has none (it has magnesium and calcium just not enough. or IDK if you eat the shell in the latter case :D).
Of course, just his doesn’t make a longer egg fast impossible, people ate only eggs for several days but it takes the right person to put up with it - and it may be physically horrible anyway, it depends. Even mere keto was imp-ossible for me in the beginning, I got unwell so I quit right away the first time (on the 1st or 2nd day as I don’t do suffering if I can avoid it).

Meat is way better, people proved it’s possible to eat only on it. It’s still not for everyone, to put it lightly… I am so glad I don’t need anything like drastic, I can do carnivore for a while but I badly need even my dairy let alone my eggs AND meat. But I am healthy enough and see no need for trying a meat only diet anyway. I know it’s a good idea for some, at least for a while to figure out what items their body isn’t happy with.

I only did the “egg fast” with lots of fat, it took several years after I heard about it. I loved eggs, that’s why it seemed very bad for me, too few eggs to my liking… As there is the insane amount of fat, well that was a negative point too and I ADORE fat. But that isn’t a nice ratio for me especially with eggs and not meat. Fatty meat is very different from eggs with tons of added fat. Well I lasted for 9 hours… IDK what did you eat besides eggs and how many but eggs only or eggs with fat, both sounds very, very bad to me even for just 1-2 days. No wonder you felt bad. If it was first keto trial for you, even less surprising that you felt bad. But it doesn’t really matter as one shouldn’t live only on eggs…

(Geoffrey) #7

I’ve seen it suggested that some people who don’t tolerate eggs well can tolerate them better if they just eat the yolks and not the whites.

(Alvin Kim) #8

No. But I have done the keto diet months before this. I lost 13 kgs.

(Alvin Kim) #9

Thank you for your input.

(Bob M) #10

It MIGHT help with schizophrenia. If you have some time, here’s an interesting podcast, where keto is used for depression, bipolar, anorexia, Alzheimer’s, etc.


This is the youtube version, but you can get it in a podcast edition (which is how I listen to it).

You’d have to let us know how well it does with your symptoms, though. And how long it takes to get a benefit, if there is a benefit.

(Edith) #11

Please look up anything with Dr. Chris Palmer. He is a psychologist what has used the ketogenic diet to help people with mental health problems, including schizophrenia. I love listening to that man give interviews. The compassion he has for people suffering from mental health problems shines through in his conversations.

I was keto for several years and then did a carnivore trial for about seven months. Even though I was already fat-adapted keto, I was very surprised when I still had to adapt to dropping the last little bit of carbs to go completely carnivore. It could be you are going through something like that.

I’m curious how many eggs a day you were eating? One egg only has about 80 calories. Unless you were eating about 25 eggs a day, you would have definitely been undereating.

Something else to consider is to use your beef only diet as an elimination diet and then add other types of meat back in over time and see how you feel. This way you won’t be quite so restricted and you might be able to eat some of the cheaper meats.

Below are two good interviews with Dr. Chris Palmer

(Bob M) #12

He also has a book, which I have:

(In fairness, I stopped reading the book partway through because I don’t have anything he was addressing; and any depression/mood swings I had were completely gone due to keto. I may have to revisit, though, because both my kids have depression and other issues, which aren’t helped by their diets. Edit: that is, their diets are bad, not keto/carnivore.)

(Alvin Kim) #13

Thank you for going through my post very thoroughly. I know of Chris Palmer. I think I’m going to check these out. The problem is, I’m afraid I won’t be able to maintain the beef belly only diet(beef belly is the only beef that I can afford. No way around it) because of palate fatigue. I went through that with eggs. Is actual meat different is what I want to know. I’ll be able to have 1.2kg of beef belly every day so that should be enough… I wish I can get some feedback on this :(.

(Alvin Kim) #14

Thank you for sharing! Appreciate your help.


If you can’t do the ultimate elimination diet, you can try meat only or just pure carnivore, it adds much more variety. IDK if that will help you enough but 1. who knows, maybe it willl? 2. if you CAN’T do the ultimate one, you need to do something different, it can’t be helped. Some of us doesn’t respond well to a forcefully super restricted diet at all. Good thing most of us don’t need it. Do what you can, maybe it will be enough…?

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #16

Welcome to the forums!

You may have a sensitivity to egg proteins. It’s unfortunate, but it happens. Also, I find that I have to eat a large number of eggs in order to feel well-nourished. I see them as a supplemental food, not something I can subsist on over the long term.

Good luck. I hope it helps.

My experience is that a keto diet can help greatly with lowering inflammation. My skin improved enormously on keto, and even more when I went carnivore. But it took a while, and it’s still a work in progress, after years of low-carb (now no-carb) and high-fat. Don’t get discouraged if results are slow.

As far as your mental condition is concerned, a keto or carnivore diet can definitely help. Whether you will be able to stop taking drugs is a different matter. A psychiatrist in the U.S., Dr. Chris Palmer, has found that some people can stop taking their anti-psychotics, but others continue to need them (though many in the latter group were able to reduce the dosages). Work with your doctor to safely cut back on whatever medications you are taking. This advice is for your safety.

If beef is too expensive, what about pork? Lowering or eliminating your carbohydrate intake is more important, I believe, than exactly what type of meat we are eating. It is true that beef has all the essential amino acids in the correct proportions. Eggs come very close, but pork does, too. I suppose lamb is hard to find in Korea, but what about goat or buffalo? And fish?

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #17

Funnily enough, I’m not finding that to be the case, as a carnivore. I find that variety stops being an issue. I no longer eat primarily for pleasure, but simply for nourishment. That is not to say that I no longer enjoy meat–I do, very much–but rather that food tastes have stopped being the primary part of the experience. This is hard to put into words, but it is true.

I still find myself looking at carbohydratae and thinking I might enjoy some, but it is far easier to resist the urge these days, than it was when I was still eating some vegetables. The carb cravings are no longer overwhelming, because the meat is so satisfying.

As Dr. Chaffee says, our body is not going to let us starve. When I’m not sure whether I’m hungry, I find it helpful to follow his advice and cook some meat. If it doesn’t taste good, I put it away for later. If it does taste good, then I’m hungry, and I eat until it stops tasting good.

(Alvin Kim) #18

Thank you for welcoming me!

I have noticed my skin getting improved within day(s) of starting the diet.

I too know of Dr. Palmer. He is partly why I want to do a keto/carnivore diet. I was a mentally healthy child but then abuse happened in the family and I took a 180 turn for the worst. I am going to listen to my doctor regarding antipsychotics but I get better by the day even without the carnivore diet so I can’t help but to have hope that I can beat this disease for sure if I follow carnivore.

I just ate a kg of beef belly for the day, and it was delicious! It had me full through out the day too. Had to borrow money fron my brother to start early, lol. Am optimistic so far; let’s hope things go that way!

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #19

Glad to hear that things are going well.

Also, bear in mind that, if your physical and mental problems are under better control, you may actually find yourself saving enough on your healthcare costs to be able to spend a bit more on meat!