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(Dudes) #1

The dudes have only 2 dogmata, and the first of those is “Show me the Science”.

(1 dogma, many dogmata - happy now @Donna :slight_smile: ),

(Larry Lustig) #2

Okay, but how many stigmata?

(Richard Morris) #3

The regulation 5 usually.

(Jennie) #4

So, what’s the second one?! The suspense is killing me.

(Richard Morris) #5

We are all subject to Individual variability - so #2 is find out what works for you.:slight_smile:

(Jennie) #6

Ah! The snowflake rule. Got it. Thanks :smiley:

(Rachel Taylor) #7

stands up, starts clapping for the proper Latin pluralization

(Cathy) #8

I adore ‘show me the science’!!! :slight_smile:

I am curious is someone can fill me in. I heard just a comment (on 2 keto dudes) about some Canadian study that came out in the fall of 2016 but could never discover what it was. I thought the comment was most likely about a study that had something to do with keto. Anyone know what I am talking about and where I can find any info on it?

(Richard Morris) #9

it’s probably this one


(Cathy) #10

Thank you!!!


In English, Dogmas is also a correct pluralization of the (English) word Dogma.

While the Latin and Greek decline to Dogmata, and that is considered acceptable as well in English, the requirement of following the Latin/Greek form has not been retained for this word.

I’ve been looking, and every source I can find always lists both Dogmas and Dogmata (both) as the plural form of Dogma, and official sources for which the term is particularly relevant and which at times may translate the Latin to the English always translate it into English as Dogmas.

So, go ahead and use Dogmas when writing or speaking in English. Just don’t get it confused when you decide to write or speak in Latin or Greek.

(Larry Lustig) #12

Ertainleycay otnay.

(Tom) #13

Isn’t the 5th one something about nice red uniforms?

(Bob Johnson) #14

Iay opehay Iay anstway ethay onlay oneay otay etgay athay.