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Daisy x


Thanks Daisy, I was just relistening to the 1st one on my walk earlier today. Do you have the link to a website for the survey you mentioned, it tells you what type you are?

Looking forward to upcoming episodes.


Thanks for the podcast - I’m listening to them, catching up! Tx.


(Carmen Stone) #4

Hi Daisy!
Have you considered podcasts with either Trudy Deakin http://diabetestimes.co.uk/big-interview-dr-trudi-deakin/
or Zoe Harcombe http://www.zoeharcombe.com/ ?

(Quil1030) #5

Thanks for the specific podcast can’t wait to check it out!

(Carol O'Carroll) #6

All of the Dr Boz sessions are cram packed with info and I always listen to them more than once. Absolute gold mine! Love it.