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(Dudes) #1

You don’t need exercise to lose weight … but you will likely want to.

Many people who take up a ketogenic diet have never exercised (willingly) yet find themselves several months in spontaneously exercising for fun.

(Jesus Herrera) #2

Hi!!! I have been in the facebook page since one month ago. I was trying to postabout some of my experience with exercise and also to have some recommendations about it, but it seems I can not post.

Is it going to be limited the action to post?

Thanks in advance!!

(Richard Morris) #3

No worries Jesus - you should be able to post now. The system just stops people who first join until it is sure they are people and not bots. It takes about 15 mins of doing normal things like reading posts and liking things and the system silently promotes you.

(Jesus Herrera) #4

Thanks a lot!!! I already posted!! :slight_smile:

(Brian Kriesel) #5

Can we get a running category?

(Bob) #6

Yes, please admins. A running category would be great and helpful.