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(Dudes) #1

How to get started … you won’t expect it but you will probably, suddenly, one day, want to exercise.

(Loraine Hansen) #2

I love to exercise. When its exercise I love. I.e., kickboxing, bike riding, walking, yoga, strength training using my body and gravity (pushups, pull-ups, squats, plank). But when I started eating keto a week ago, I had learned from the podcasts that extreme exercise is not advisable for the first week, or two? I started keto from a Primal Blueprint lifestyle of over 5 years, so have not experienced keto flu, but I do have some fatigue and not a lot of motivation (not much different however, from before I started keto).

So, I’m assuming that I will feel like exercising again soon? I don’t like not exercising, but I don’t like exercising when I’m so tired either. Is it a good idea to wait until I have the energy, or go ahead and do it anyway?